Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec. 23 and Our Christmas

The tag for the 23 read, "Open your Christmas pajamas."  Before we did that, though, the kids and I enjoyed a day home together. We finished frosting the sugar cookies (Annaliese only cared about eating them), played lots of Disneyland Adventures (so much so that I had trouble walking the next few days thanks to the Matterhorn), and finally drove to see the lights, though Ian fell asleep before we even made it through the first neighborhood.  Before the kids went to bed that night we opened up our new pajamas.

Annaliese enjoying her cookie

Frosting cookies can be messy!

About the only cool thing we saw looking at lights. 

Ian walked into our room Christmas Eve morning (which was actually our Christmas) around 6 and told us he had to go to the bathroom.  He has never done this, knowing he can always just go on his own.  He stood around for awhile, even with Darrin telling him to go several times.  We both knew what he really wanted- to go look at the presents. He never got up the courage to ask, so he used the restroom like he asked and returned to his room.  He went back to the bathroom again around 7:15, this time without asking, and ran quickly to our room when finished to tell us, "Santa came already! And the stockings are so full he had to set them on the floor!" 

The excitement that I always waited to see finally showed this year.  He ran down the stairs as fast as he could and started digging through all the presents.  Luckily he complied and waited for the obligatory shot of all of us in front of the tree with our new pajamas.  He was a bit disappointed after opening the first gift, because every other gift he found was for Annaliese (his was hiding in the back).  She, on the other hand, could have cared less about opening the presents.  Most of the time we would have to start one for her, and then when she got a glimpse of what was inside, she'd tear into the package.  Ian still has to learn that Santa doesn't bring everything on the list; we've told him several times this season Santa only brings three presents because that's how many the Wise Men brought Jesus.  Telling him that again didn't help to squelch his disappointment, but then he opened the dress-up box from Mommy and Daddy, and Santa's list was forgotten.  Annaliese was so enthralled with her second gift that her last gift, the dollhouse, didn't even get opened until the dress-up box had been completely checked out, and the opening of it took a lot of coaxing.  And then when the dollhouse was opened, it was the only thing she and Ian played with until we left for Davenport.

Annual Christmas picture of all of us in new pj's.

Ian super excited to find fruit snacks in his stocking.
Annaliese tearing into her first gift from Santa, with her books from us around her.

Ian super excited about getting his camera, with a note inside to share with Mommy and Daddy

Ian crawling under the tree to get my present he hid in back.

The writing on my present.  Darrin told him to write, "To Mom" so Ian wrote mom two times. Love that!

Opening the dress-up box

Annaliese couldn't get out of her pj's fast enough to put on her dress-up shoes.  She didn't care much about the pretty dresses in the box, though.

Ian modeling his cowboy outfit. That vest went with him on our entire trip to Iowa and, for the most part, he only took it off to eat and sleep.

And his pirate outfit (hat to come later)

Annaliese super excited to open her dollhouse

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