Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Calendar Dec. 6

Today's advent activity: "Make a Christmas Craft"

We made reindeer ornaments, which I found on Pinterest and it led to directions here. 

First step: shred the brown paper


Second step: Stuff the ornament with paper.  I was impressed with how well Annaliese did putting the paper in the ornament, but eventually she got tired of the one-piece-at-a-time method


Third step: Twist on the antlers (no pictures, it took all hands on deck to do that part).

Final step: paint on nose and eyes with fingers.  Annaliese just wanted to keep painting; wasn't too happy when I took the paint away. 

The final product: we'll paint some black on the eyes after the white dries.

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Cara said...

very cute and a good idea!