Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent Calendar for Dec. 10-12

December 10 - "give toys away" day.  We filled a bag or two with toys to drop off at Goodwill, then went shopping at Kohl's for toys to drop off at Toys for Tots.  Ian was very sad he had to give his away and wanted to add it to his list at home. Luckily he forgot...

December 11 - "make snowflake marshmallows" day.  Although, the marshmallows didn't solidify as quickly as we thought, so it ended up being "make Christmas tree pizza" day, and I cut out the marshmallow snowflakes once the kids went to bed.  We also were able to get outside and hang the birdseed ornaments we made earlier in the week.

December 12 - "watch a video from Santa" day.  Portable North Pole allows you to enter a bit of information, upload some pictures, and Santa talks directly to whoever you want.  In this case, Ian, though as Annaliese looked on, there were lots of Tanta, Tanta coming from her.  You could tell Ian was totally digging it- hands to the mouth is a sure sign of excitement/nervousness.  You can view the video here.  Before we watched, though, we enjoyed a glass of hot chocolate with some homemade marshmallows. 


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Stephanie Burke said...

I did a Santa video for Owen after I saw this. He LOVED IT!