Saturday, December 31, 2011

Collins Christmas

Monday brought a slower pace to life and no car rides over 12 minutes.  We ate breakfast with my parents and then headed to spend time with Darrin's family.  Annaliese wouldn't let go of her baby doll and Ian had fun playing memory with Grandpa on the Kindle Fire.  Later that evening, when all the aunts, uncles, and cousin were there, we opened presents.  

Ian waiting to pass out presents

Annaliese excited for the ball in her stocking. Both she and Ian got one and they have been thrown around our  house a lot since we've been home.

Another thing that's gotten a lot of use- the aprons that were in the kids' stockings.  They put them on, then use the towels that were in the pockets to 'clean' their toy kitchen and table.

Ian opening the motorcycles from his great aunt Deb and great uncle Pat

Annaliese's barn with animals from them.

Playing peek-a-boo with the towel.
 And then the battery died in our camera. But Santa knew what he was doing when he gave one to Ian for Christmas, so we borrowed it.
Annaliese and her cash register

She immediately started coloring when she opened all the art supplies from both sets of aunts and uncles.

Ian asked for a drum, but he's even more excited about the harmonica, which has been played a lot more than the drum.

And this has nothing to do with opening presents, but is too cute not to share. On the way back to Omaha, Annaliese would hold her doll up to the window and say, "See. See." over and over.  LOVED IT!

It was a whirlwind time for Christmas this year with it on a weekend, but the kids really loved all their gifts.  Now back home, they've ALL been played with and I'm sure you'll see them popping up in more pictures through 2012.

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