Saturday, December 31, 2011

Warnecke Christmas

Christmas at Great Billie's was a typical Christmas; tons of food to snack on, lots of family to visit and play with, many games of Foosball, everyone's stocking hung by the chimney, a visit from Santa Claus, and LOTS and LOTS of presents.

Stockings for all Great Billie's grandkids, spouses/significant others, and great-grandkids
Annaliese and Makenna play peek-a-boo
Dining with Layton for lunch
There always seems to be someone wrestling in the basement- it has a lot of floor space

Intense game of Foosball
The look of amazement on Annaliese's face as Santa Claus walked in
Ian passing out presents from Santa
Annaliese wouldn't sit on his lap, but she was comfortable enough to go and get presents from the big man
Before Santa came, Annaliese was pushing around a baby in the stroller.  Then she decided to load all her presents in it.

The baby doll she's holding was from Santa, and she has taken it with her everywhere.

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