Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Guess after posting nearly every day in December, I needed a break from blogging.  Life hasn't been to exciting around here.  Just getting back into the routine of school and work. Lots of early bedtimes for the kids. I have been scrapping and quilting a bit. I'm working on a Project Life album, in which I do a photo journal, as Darrin would call it, to document our life each week, capturing the everyday stuff I normally wouldn't do a whole layout on.  I've got last week done and am just waiting for some good lighting to take a picture to share here.  But in the meantime, I have other pictures to share (starting with the most recent picture, since that's how they were uploaded):

Annaliese pouting... any guesses from who she learned this is how you should look when you pout?  If you guessed Ian, you'd be correct :)

We had a great time babysitting Walter on Monday.  Here Annaliese pretends to take his picture with Ian's camera.

Ian so willingly shared his Lego police vehicles with Walter... until he realized how easily they could be broken.  They went up high, but Ian was happy to share his other vehicles.

Annaliese and Walter playing with the word slammer on the fridge.  There are two different alphabet things on the fridge, they each could have had one, but I guess they thought this one was better...

Annaliese trying to climb up on the stool because...

She saw her brother standing up high trying to get some candy. Monkey see, monkey do.  Think we need to bring the step stool in from the garage. It would be a much safer alternative...

Just a cute capture of Ian.

I cannot tell you how much Annaliese's 'scrunchie' face makes me smile!

There has been A LOT of catch around here.  I told Ian this was the last winter for it. Once it turns nice, only ball playing outside.  He's got quite an arm on him now. Only problem is that it's not very accurate.

The scrapbooks have been all out a lot these past two weeks and looked at by both Ian and Annaliese. Makes my heart sing when they ask Darrin or I to read what the pages say or tell them about the pictures.

Dress-up box fun!

Arrr! Matey!

Darrin turned 31 a week ago Monday.  Actually got him TWO presents this year (usually it's none...). A tent and some Carhartt bibs for playing with the kids in the snow. 

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