Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Bash

I had so many pictures I wanted to share that I had to split this post in two- one for all the food and one for the presents and playing. We had a joint party for Ian and Annaliese in the party room at Freedom Bank.  Perfect place for a party. 

Grandpa Dave with his two youngest grandkids. I wonder if his hands weren't busy holding them, would his fingers be in his mouth, too?

Annaliese, Oliver, and Brady have fun with Walter's gear toy.

Ian super excited about his pirate shirt.

But then he opened his Star Wars present next and was even more excited.

In his last present, he had THREE Star Wars sets.  He hasn't stopped playing with them since they were opened. 

Annaliese loved her balloons (so did the other little kids).  Notice the baby in her arms, it's never far from her side.

Annaliese was most excited by her clothes. She got lots of them, and I was happy, too.

Ian was busy flying his Star Wars fighter while Annaliese was opening gifts.

She loves her chair and Snow White.
Thank you everyone for all your gifts (I'm particularly excited by the clothes- saves me shopping!).  We're so thankful you could all come and join us on this day.

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