Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Food

The theme for the parties were this year was Disney Cars for Ian and Baby Dolls for Annaliese. I've never done thematic food before, but after going to Walter's party with its thematic food, I wanted to do that, too. I've also linked all the recipes I used for reference next year when I go to make cakes and wonder what recipe I used. 

On the right is Pasta with "Tow Mater" Sauce. Next to it is Chicken Parmesan Meatballs that I modified from this meatloaf recipe . 

In the red crock is "Mack" and Cheese based off this recipe from Panera. 

Garlic Bread "On a Roll"

"Baby" carrots and other veggies

Baby Spinach Strawberry Salad.  Next to it, covered, is my childhood doll crib, lined with a crock pot liner, and filled with fruit salad. 
Ian's cake was to resemble a dirt track for his cars. He added some more cars after I took this picture, trying to get all the cars he has on top.  I thought this was the tastiest cake, chocolate thin mint cake with cream cheese frosting

It took him three huffs and puffs, but he got it blown out.  Before, when everyone was singing to him, he was all smiley and shy. Adorable!
Annaliese's cake was a stroller based on this image.  I used donuts from our local bakery for the wheels. The cake didn't come cleanly from out of the pan, so that was the corner I removed, and there wasn't enough left to make a baby face from.  When baking the cake, I had trouble getting the middle to set, and it took longer than anticipated, but by all accounts, the cake was yummy.
As soon as the candles were lit, she started blowing them out. We had just practiced a few days before so she'd know what to do.  Then everyone started singing to her and she got smiley and would run her finger/hand through her hair.  It took her lots of tries to get the candles out because she wouldn't get too close to them. In the end, we raised the cake to her and she didn't have a problem then. 

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