Monday, February 27, 2012

Carnival Time

After the kids' birthday party, we took Sara, Marlena, Noah, and Walter to eat at the Irish Shanti in Gunder, our favorite place to eat back home. From there we parted ways with Sara and took the rest of the group to our high school, where the music boosters were holding their annual music carnival. As it turned out, not too much had changed since we were in school helping host the carnival. Still, it was a great walk down memory lane and I so loved watching Ian and Annaliese play the same games I did as a child.

The throw looks good, but he just missed. Got a prize anyway. 

We had trouble getting Annaliese and Walter away from the duck pond.

The yellow blur is a football, that he got right through the hole.

Cake walk... we were on four and they called seven.  Oh well, this was one they both wanted to do and got to do together.

Ring toss. Ian had 8 rings and managed to make one of them, which means Mommy and Daddy won a pop.

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