Monday, February 13, 2012

Ian is FIVE!

Like so many of his previous birthdays (the year he was born and 2009) it snowed, but unlike those years there wasn't a snow day.   This year we had a mini-celebration on the actual day, with a bigger party to follow this weekend. 

His present was waiting for him when he woke up. Annaliese was ready to help open it (she is so ready for her own presents).

The very happy boy with his Mega (mini) block Pyrates Ship.

After his fun-filled day at preschool complete with Disney Cars cupcakes, he rushed up to his room to assemble the pirate ship.
For supper,  we met Marlena, Noah, and Walter at Summer Kitchen.
Walter loves lemons.
Ian loves pancakes, though instead of syrup, he likes to choose a packet of jelly to have spread on them.

Annaliese likes her pancakes, too.

Ian loved his presents Lego caterpillar tractors and the Death Star (he latest obsession, thanks to preschool, is Star Wars.  Darrin and I couldn't be happier with this obsession. There's been lots of light saber fights and Ian pretending to be Yoda and Darrin is Chewie).

His free slice of birthday cake. He shared a bit with his sister and didn't eat it all.  I'd hate to track how much sugar he eats this week, with cake and cupcakes today, Valentine's Day tomorrow, and a party this weekend.
He was so hyper and excited tonight. While Darrin was tucking him in, he said, "I can't wait to be six!"  We quickly reminded him not to wish 5 away (he's very excited for a new backpack and kindergarten). We told him he has 366 days to wait, to which he replied, "That gives me a long time to figure out what my next cake will be! Maybe Star Wars, or a pirate ship, or Peter Pan!"    Made me smile. So many interests and so much excitement when you're five. I love this kid!

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Jennifer said...

Happy birthday to Ian!