Thursday, February 2, 2012

Project Life Weeks Two and Three

Week Two- January 8-14

 Left page: We baby sat Walter on Monday, the pantry saw lots of action- Ian trying to climb the stool to get candy off the top shelf and Annaliese playing peek-a-boo, Ian beating me at Jenga, and a cut-out from Annaliese's day care daily sheet talking about her cough and runny nose. 
 Right page: Annaliese is obsessed with cuties, I'm obsessed with "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and Ian helped Annaliese put together a puzzle.  The entire right column is all about Ian's Kindergarten round-up: the story, penguin he made, his name tag, and our program for the hour-long event. 

Week Three: January 15-21
This week had an insert of our trip to the zoo.

 Left page: Ian flying with Pooh Bear on his Disneyland Adventures game (they're attached to balloons), Annaliese drinking from her favorite cup- given to Ian a few years ago from Aunt Stephanie, Ian making his own oatmeal. The green card with the heart tells of Darrin and I going out for a date lunch on MLK day while the kids were at school.    Zoo insert posing on the gorilla and Annaliese leaning into Darrin in fear of the lion.

Right page: Annaliese taking scoop after scoop of peas- not sure if it's because she likes the actual vegetable or likes scooping, Ian at his first day of swimming lessons since the summer, Ian with all his rescue vehicles waiting to save Annaliese's doll house, picture of the ear drops for Annaliese's ear infection (costing $140) and papers from the prescriptions and doctor's visit.  Zoo insert: Ian walking across the bridge on his own and the kids walking through the jungle tree roots.

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