Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter Finally Arrived

We had a bout of snow back in November, but it melted well before the Christmas holiday.  Since the new year, we have set two record highs for temps over 60, and I was fearful Annaliese would never get a chance to wear her new snow pants.  But Saturday the snow finally arrived and we got some winter.   And now, our weekend, in (lots of) pictures:

We woke up Saturday to snow and it didn't stop until 5:30.  We ended up with about 8 inches of heavy, wet snow.

Darrin had to tackle the driveway sans snow blower since it wasn't working. The nice thing was that the cement was warm enough that the snow that came after never stuck.

Sunday, this little purple princess just would not take a nap, so we headed outside.  While Darrin and I scooped out the end of the driveway, she scooped invisible snow off the cement.

While we shoveled, Ian collected all the big snow chunks and assembled them into piles.  This pile was all from Darrin and I throwing snow onto it, but Ian had fun conquering it. 

Annaliese loved playing in the snow... as long as she was standing.

She even didn't mind being in the middle of a snowball fight. Poor girl, the snow is up to and in some places above her knees. 

The minute she fell, she'd start to cry and whine "Mama, Daddy" asking for help. She did not like trying to stand back up in the snow.

Darrin enjoyed the snow.

Annaliese couldn't make it up the hill, and she hates trying to stand up in the snow, so  she decided just to scoot her way down.

Stomach sledding rocks! I'm surprised Darrin was able to do it without getting much snow in his face.

Another snow ball fight.  Annaliese's expression is priceless in this one.

Sledding with Daddy.

Mommy even went sledding this time, too.

Ian tried to knock the snow chunk off the branch. 

And ended up with snow in the face.

Ian did lots of sledding on his own, too. It's so bittersweet watching him to it, because he has been scared in the past to go on his own. 

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