Thursday, March 1, 2012

Annaliese is TWO!

Two years goes so fast! She's talking in nearly full sentences and loves to sing, carry her baby, and wear shoes. She won't go to bed without a book, won't leave the house without brushing her teeth, and LOVES to love- kisses and hugs are her gifts. 

We went out last night with Marlena, Noah, and Walter, this time to The Farmhouse. Thanks to the string of birthdays and parties lately, we've been able to see a lot of them.  Annaliese and Ian had pancakes, at first with syrup on it, and later with jelly.  

 After supper, goodbye hugs and kisses were in order. 

Today, on her actual birthday, she got to open a few presents.  Ian drew her a picture of butterflies, we gave her a case of Disney shoes, and Marlena left a Crayola Musical Rub-Art Station at our house today for Annaliese to open.

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