Sunday, March 11, 2012

Minnesota Weekend

Saturday, in St. Paul, my cousin Kyle, married the love of his life, Gina, in a beautiful ceremony. We had a great time traveling there and at the wedding.  As much as we hate being 6 hours from family, it certainly has its perks; one being our kids are FANTASTIC car riders since they've been traveling that far from a few weeks old.For the sake of not leaving at the crack of dawn on Saturday, we drove to Story City on Friday night. The kids had a blast Saturday morning at the hotel.  With a morning that starts with bed jumping and is followed by swimming, what's not to love? It was Annaliese's first time swimming in a big pool, and it was the first time Ian learned he can stand in a big pool.

She loved, loved, loved swimming

Any guesses as to what she's doing here???

This was before that picture, but I hate moving them around...

He jumped in a few times, but his FAVORITE thing was to just bounce along the wall, relishing in the fact he could touch and do it all on his own.

There was travel time, wedding ceremony, and food, but the best part is always the party.  Ian was in a mood (most likely lack of sleep) and didn't do much dancing. But Annaliese made up for all that. Like a typical girl, she had her shoes off by the end of the night, and when no one would dance with her (not that she cared) she had Baby out there on the dance floor, too.

At every family wedding they play "We are Family" and my grandma, along with the other grandparent to the couple, sit on chairs in the middle of a big circle of family members and we all dance and take turns giving the grandparents some love. 


Debbie said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Thank you for always sharing pictures of your family. We enjoy watching them discover new things and grow.

Cara said...

It was so cute to see Oliver and Annaliese dance together.