Sunday, April 29, 2012

Recent Layouts

So I know I haven't posted lots of scrapbook layouts- most of you come here to see updates on the kids, not my crafty adventures- but you'll probably see more layouts on here in the future.  I'm going to be designing layouts for a scrapbooking blog, but I can't say where yet :)  Here are some of the recent layouts. I'm feeling a bit bad Annaliese is being neglected, but I'm trying very hard to get Ian's first year of life documented. I actually have completed his 0-6th month album finally.  Hopefully with get the 6-12 done soon.  All of the layouts were created for the issue challenge Erika hosts over on Club CK.  Without those, I know I wouldn't get many layouts done a week. 

Three Months (yes, it's missing an s. It wasn't when I made it...).  These were taken at Sears for Ian's 3-month birthday, over the course of three different days on Mother's day weekend.  We would get a few shots, but then he would fuss and fuss and we were never able to get him calmed down enough to get pictures taken again that day.  The entire layout uses the line Prairie Hill from Pink Paislee.  I created the flower in the top corner by cutting apart the different diamonds on a piece of paper. The 'weave' effect at the bottom was created by cutting apart a chevron pattern, and cutting the tops flat.Created for the challenge to scrap baby pictures (good thing I'm so far behind with both of them).

Sky High was created for a challenge to use the color scheme grey, white, and yellow. I had the concept for this page in my head for a few days and really liked it, but when I got it on the paper, it looked a bit drab.  The pop of blue was perfect.  The patterned paper is MME On the Bright Side.  I love these pictures of Ian. I remember it being such a fun day outside. 

Love My Boy- I saw this idea in the gallery at Club CK-  I totally lifted it from Heather.  The various MME paper strips are all cut 1/4 or 1/2 inch (my memory fails me...) and just taped on down to the background paper. It makes for such a fun background.  I didn't have much to say about this photo, which is weird because journaling is one of the most important things to me. The journaling for this is written on the green dot strip below the picture, as the challenge was to incorporate the journaling in an element.

 2 Tired Boys- I remember walking into the basement and finding the boys asleep like this, flabbergasted at how Ian could sleep in that position.  This is a really bright page, which I found a bit ironic given the subdued, sleepy content.  The challenge was to create a circle embellishment, which I somehow translated into incorporating as many circles as possible.  I've had this paper in my stack for 5 years, so it was great to finally use it.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend with Family

Last weekend Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, and Owen (well, Lacey too) came to visit.  The weather was great and we spent a lot of it outside in our backyard and at parks.  We went for dinner Friday to Lazlo's (my favorite place in Omaha) and followed dinner with a trip to Ta Ha Zouka Park to see the tank and play on the equipment.  We spent Saturday morning at home, playing inside and in the yard.   After naps (which everyone took) we headed to Youngman Lake Park. Here are pictures from the weekend:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

This weekend was a fun-filled one with Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, and Owen visiting us.  A post of their visit will follow (way more pictures to filter through), but after they left on Sunday, we headed to the zoo. There was a little boy along super-dooper excited to see the newly renovated aquarium.  While they added several new things, I think my favorite thing was the overall atmosphere changes; it's a lot sleeker and darker, with the different tanks all lit in blue so it looks very cool. They have a new crab tank, lots more jellyfish, eels, and other strange fish. 

Annaliese checking out the new crabs. 

A new, cool fish I don't remember the name of.

Lots of jellyfish on the floor of a tank.

This was very cool. An image of a coral reef was projected on the floor, and then when the kids walked,  jumped, etc, it would react as if they were really in the water, making ripples and splashes, etc. 

Freaky looking eel.

After that, we had to go visit the rest of the zoo. Can't wait to see the other changes they make in this master project they've begun. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Two Superheros

This week is Week of the Young Child where Ian and Annaliese go to 'school', which entails different themed days each week.  Today was favorite or original hero/shero day.  Thanks to Kohl's, Ian's outfit was easy (though Target was out of a mask).  Annaliese went as Super Wild Child Annaliese. Her little cape I made last night, not following a pattern, just making it up as I went.  I was worried she wouldn't wear it, but that wasn't the problem this morning.She is not a morning person, and wouldn't pose for a picture, though I did get one after school. My hero and shero, not only today, but every day.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend- in Pictures

We left Friday night after work for Davenport. Saturday morning, the kids got a bath at Great Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ron's house.  Needless to say, I had fun with her hair.

Annaliese enjoying the rocks in their backyard. 

Annaliese just posed on the rocks, but Ian enjoyed leaping from one to another. 

Saturday afternoon was my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.  I thought Annaliese wouldn't get a nap, but I was wrong. Slept in Darrin's lap for about two hours.

I wanted a picture with the kids and their great-grandparents, but Annaliese wouldn't go unless she was in Grandpa's arms.

The kids slept together on a mattress on their floor. First time Annaliese slept in something other than her crib or pack & play.  Ian loved it and asked to sleep together again. 

Easter morning egg hunt.

It was a stretch to get it, but she did.

Posing with their baskets.

Killing time before lunch at Great Billie's by swing in the park across from her house.  That's a look of elation on her face. 

At the top of the tall-twisty slide.

Coming down the twisty slide.

Easter egg hunt at Great Billie's.  The bunny did a good job. This one was hid behind a piece of bark.

And this one was so tall, Darrin had to fully extend his arms (my bad for not having the camera oriented vertically...)

Annaliese carried her basket slung on her arm like a purse for the 3 hunts we had this season.  She'd just throw them in there.  Needless to say, we  had more than a few  cracked eggs.  Didn't help that she dropped her basket and the all tumbled out. 

Hunting at Great Billie's.

Hunting at Great Billie's.

Another good  job by the bunny. My cousin Amber helps Annaliese reach her egg.

We tried for an Easter picture with Great Billie, but Ashlyn wasn't having any of it. If it wasn't for her, Annaliese was about to go off, anyway. Didn't want to be in the picture without Grandpa.