Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trip to the Zoo

This weekend was a fun-filled one with Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, and Owen visiting us.  A post of their visit will follow (way more pictures to filter through), but after they left on Sunday, we headed to the zoo. There was a little boy along super-dooper excited to see the newly renovated aquarium.  While they added several new things, I think my favorite thing was the overall atmosphere changes; it's a lot sleeker and darker, with the different tanks all lit in blue so it looks very cool. They have a new crab tank, lots more jellyfish, eels, and other strange fish. 

Annaliese checking out the new crabs. 

A new, cool fish I don't remember the name of.

Lots of jellyfish on the floor of a tank.

This was very cool. An image of a coral reef was projected on the floor, and then when the kids walked,  jumped, etc, it would react as if they were really in the water, making ripples and splashes, etc. 

Freaky looking eel.

After that, we had to go visit the rest of the zoo. Can't wait to see the other changes they make in this master project they've begun. 

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