Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Around Here

Around here.. there has been a case of hand, foot, and mouth disease (if you look close, you can see the pimples on her face).  That means two stay-home-days with Mommy. The nice thing is that she doesn't act sick, so we're able to go on wagon rides and play outside. Just can't go back until there are no open blisters (there's a big one on her thigh). 
Around here... the dress-up box is seeing a lot of action. More accurately, the Peter Pan and Spiderman costumes. Sometimes the Spiderman shirt goes with the Peter Pan pants, and then we have Spider Pan. And when Ian changes out of his Spideraman costume, he calls himself Parter Peeker instead of Peter Parker every single time.
Around here... there are lots of "I do it myself." In fact, most of the crying she does comes from when we provide assistance she doesn't want or a toy sharing issue. She pretty much gets herself dressed every day now (though shirts are often backwards and shoes on the wrong feet). She is so Miss Independent, which is so different than Ian at that age. He was, and still is, timid to take chances, and she has no fear.
Around here... we've been trying a new camera lens, and the kids have been very obliging in letting us photograph them.

Around here... there is more building going on. Darrin has promised to make me bed frame for Mother's Day. I'm curious how many will pass before I get it, but I know he at least has a great helper. They're currently working on a cabinet to hide the kitchen trash in.
Around here... our garden is producing. We inherited a plot with strawberries, and it apparently excels at growing deformed ones. 
Around here... Mother's Day was celebrated with frozen yogurt on the deck, and a comparison of tongue colors when we were finished.

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