Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thoughts on "Grounding" Your Photos

I thought I better add the "your photos" phrase to my title so no one confuses it with grounding my kiddos :) It was once again my turn to design for Thinking*Through*Design, and this time the thought is on grounding your layouts.  Essentially what that means is giving things weight so it doesn't seem like they're floating on a page.

I have come a long way in grounding photos since I first began scrapping.  Case in point, I'm going to be brave and post one of the first layouts I ever did. The pictures are floating all over the page and nothing is giving the page structure. It's all cardstock and stickers. Apparently I had no idea what patterned paper was... Oh, and I just noticed the top right picture is Ian looking off the page; that's a no-no in design, too.


Fast forward four years and thanks to designing most of my layouts off of a sketch or scraplifting a layout I like, I've subconsciously learned the importance and how-to of grounding.  But because I usually do base my layouts off something, I challenged myself with this design to see if I could ground a layout without basing it off of anything in particular.

I've done a couple layouts lately involving paper (all of it Fancy Pants line) where I thought, "When will I use that?"  It's taught me that apparently the right pictures will come along to use with the paper.  These are of Ian and Grandpa Dan just hanging out in our living room.  I usually base my color scheme off my photos. I thought the subdued color of the background went with with Dan's shirt, and using blue was an automatic.  There is a line of pink running through the plaid in Dan's shirt, which is where the dark pink paper and accents come in to play. Plus, the pink really adds some pop to the otherwise subdued colors.

When grounding this, I knew I wanted there to be an intersection of lines at the photos (hence the red vertical and horizontal punched strip).  Using large die cuts, in this case a heart I cut out, is a great way to anchor something to the page.  I tried a ton of different things in the top, right corner, and eventually settled on the banner. I was trying to avoid using a banner because it's my go-to thing lately for empty space at the top, but it was the best fit. Perhaps there's a reason its my go-to thing..

Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss Photogenic

Whether she has a clean face or not, she is definitely Miss Photogenic.  We often hear, "Take picture me," around our house, found quickly by, "Cheese!"



2012-06-07 13.04.30




Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Years and 10 Days

That's the exact amount of time between these two pictures. What a difference three years and ten days makes, and yet, he's still that little to me. 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Water Fun

This past week was all about water.  Not taking into account the pool time Annaliese had with Walter that I mentioned in the last post, the kids also spent time in our pool, with the water table, and at the spray park. 


Ian said he was watering himself so he'd grow, which is the last thing I want him to do.
As soon as we got to the park, Ian took off and never stopped running between all the water features.
This was as close as Annaliese got for the longest time. And when she got closer, it had to be holding my hand.
If she felt any of the spray of water, her arms immediately went up to her face.
We tried getting Ian to take Annaliese through the water, but she steered clear of the rainbow after this.
The geysers, as Ian called them, were his favorites.  Here he's trying to run between the streams and not get hit.
In the shower.
Eventually she got close to the geysers, though the spray of these caught her of guard and she wasn't happy.
She preferred to step on them or stick her hands in the stream.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fun with Walter

We've been able to spend two mornings with Walter and Marlena this past week, and how different the weather has been.  Thursday morning we met them at the library, and then headed to the park.  The weather was in the low 60s, and we needed long sleeves or jackets.   Today (Tuesday) Annaliese and I hung out at their house while Ian was at Jedi camp and spent the whole morning outside with the kids in swim suits.  I think you'll be able to tell what day was which based on their clothing :)

Moving the cushion chairs around a the library.

These two rocking chairs were connected and so very cool to rock in.
Bad to the bone... and holding on for dear life!
Double slide time... these were about the only slides that were dry.
My princess
Annaliese decided she was going to push me, but she ended up doing more of a scooping thing, which didn't work very well. In the end, she had figured out how to push with her arms and not move her legs and scoop/walk with me.
Annaliese's favorite way to swing on the big swings.
Kisses for Walter. She chased him down to give them, and after she kissed him on the cheek, she just kept moving to find his lips.
Pool buddies
Ladybug!  There was a bug walking on the top, and then got down in the crack.  She calls every bug she sees a lady bug, even though they're usually flies or ants...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Week with Grandma and Grandpa

The kids spent last week with their grandparents, having  lots of picnics; feeding, catching, and eating fish; going to parks; and just being spoiled by their grandparents. 

At Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sandy's, Ian got a kick out of playing with my old Maple Village bear house. I LOVED that thing when I was little, and it was his go-to toy there.


They had a picnic with Aunt Cara, Uncle Shawn, and Oliver.

Ian gave Annaliese a ride with his H.

They went and visited the trout hatchery near my parent's house. They were lucky enough to arrive at feeding time, and an employee handed Ian a bucket of food. When he was telling me about it, he said in a super excited voice, "And we didn't even have to pay for the food!" because we always buy food for the fish at that zoo.
 IMG_0540 IMG_0549
With Grandpa Dan and Grandma Diane, they got to go fishing twice at a friend's pond (it was both their first time ever fishing). They caught a lot of blue gill and got to eat them for supper one night.
DSC03036 DSC03039

They went to the park and helped out at the garden. The weather was kinda gloomy towards the end of the week, and they spent more time hanging out inside. Ian discovered a multi-colored "light saber" that got lots of use, and Annaliese couldn't get enough of playing with Play-Doh. IMG_0576 IMG_0578