Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Week with Grandma and Grandpa

The kids spent last week with their grandparents, having  lots of picnics; feeding, catching, and eating fish; going to parks; and just being spoiled by their grandparents. 

At Grandpa Dave and Grandma Sandy's, Ian got a kick out of playing with my old Maple Village bear house. I LOVED that thing when I was little, and it was his go-to toy there.


They had a picnic with Aunt Cara, Uncle Shawn, and Oliver.

Ian gave Annaliese a ride with his H.

They went and visited the trout hatchery near my parent's house. They were lucky enough to arrive at feeding time, and an employee handed Ian a bucket of food. When he was telling me about it, he said in a super excited voice, "And we didn't even have to pay for the food!" because we always buy food for the fish at that zoo.
 IMG_0540 IMG_0549
With Grandpa Dan and Grandma Diane, they got to go fishing twice at a friend's pond (it was both their first time ever fishing). They caught a lot of blue gill and got to eat them for supper one night.
DSC03036 DSC03039

They went to the park and helped out at the garden. The weather was kinda gloomy towards the end of the week, and they spent more time hanging out inside. Ian discovered a multi-colored "light saber" that got lots of use, and Annaliese couldn't get enough of playing with Play-Doh. IMG_0576 IMG_0578

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