Friday, July 6, 2012

Michigan Trip | Lambeau Field

I know Lambeau Field isn't in Michigan, but we stopped by on our way back home. We were driving through anyway, so what kind of fans would we have been if we wouldn't have stopped?
Mr. Cheese Head

Lining up with the players in the Hall of Fame

Comparing wingspans. Dereck Sherrod has the biggest wingspan, shoe size (16 if I remember correctly) and hand size. Darrin compared himself to each of the models they had of Dereck's, and he paled in comparison. 

The four Lombardi trophies, with the newest on the left.

Walking out the same tunnel the players walk out of.

On the field

You couldn't walk on the field... we're probably tempting fate just doing this.

Lambeau Field. Can't wait to go back and see a game.

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