Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Michigan Trip | Mackinac Island

If you had asked me that morning at 4:30, when the thunder and lightening woke me up and I checked the radar, if we would be going to Mackinac Island, I would have said doubtful. And then I went back to sleep and tried to think of everything we could do inside if it rained. When morning finally dawned, a look again at the radar showed rain to the south of the island, but it looked like the island was home free for the rest of the day, and it was. It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day to explore the island. As we were leaving, Darrin and I both agreed we needed to come back again and do more exploring, sans kids. It was a lot of work getting around with them!
The ride to the island was under gray skies and choppy seas.  We all got a little wet on the ride.

Our first stop on the island, JoAnn's Fudge, where we picked up some chocolate peanut butter, chocolate cherry, and vanilla.

After that, we headed up to the fort, where the kids posed for us with a cannon.

And then we watched a cannon being fired.

We listened to a talk about what family life was like at the fort, and then the kids got to play some games from the 1880s.

In this one, you put your sticks through the hoop, the zoomed the hoop across to a partner to catch with his/her stick.

Musket demonstration

Enjoying the view from the fort.

After the fort, it was time for a bike ride around the island. Ian got to ride in a Wehoo that allowed him to pedal, but kept him strapped in for my piece of mind.

Stopping for a fudge break on our bike ride.

We had views like this the entire bike ride off to our right.

The bike ride accomplished what we wanted- a nap for Annaliese.

Stopping for a pose with the bridge in the distance.  Ian was my bike buddy. It's been since high school that I rode, and it was a bit difficult getting on with Ian back there throwing his weight around, but once I was on, I was good.

After the bike ride, the kids ran around and played in the park that's below the fort. There was some playground equipment there that they really enjoyed.

The ride back to St. Ignace was much drier, and our hotel room opened to the beach; albeit a rocky, muddy beach, the kids still had fun and the view was gorgeous.

Ian running to scare the seagulls.

Enjoying a bedtime snack- our fudge from JoAnn's.

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