Friday, July 6, 2012

Michigan Trip | Picture Rocks National Lakeshore

Disclaimer: there is a bloody picture in this post. Our morning of exploring was quickly shortened when Annaliese, while running down the trail (it's impossible to keep her contained), face-planted. We had to make a return trip to the hotel for a bath and clean clothes.  After that, we left for a picnic lunch... only again to return to the hotel for that because it was HOT and the humidity was the worse we had so far on the trip. We ate a picnic lunch every day on the trip, and it was beautiful, but this was too much.  So of course we followed that up with at 2.5 hour ride on the top of a boat to look at the Pictured Rocks.  We were hot, sweatier, and tanner after that trip, but we all were saved from burns.  We drove a bit and hiked some to look at a few waterfalls, too.

This is how our morning started, our little explorers excited to find the waterfall, and then...

she face planted, and we headed back to the car.  It just looks bad because I had my hand pressed to her forehead to try to stop the bleeding from the gash right next to the bangs hanging down.  She cleaned up really well, just a few scrapes on her cheek and nose, and then the cut on her head.  She was more upset by having to turn around and not go down the trail then getting cut... until she saw her face in the mirror. 

First point on the boat tour, Miners Castle.

This wasn't called anything, just shows the color of the water.  If I wouldn't have known better, I would have thought I was someplace tropical. The weather sure felt tropical, but the water was only 50 degrees. The colors on the wall are created by water tables in the rocks seeping out and the minerals in the water make the colors.  It's amazing how the water can carve out the rocks like this.

Lover's leap. The water below is only two feet deep (you can see the sandy color).

Rainbow cave. How I wish I was the kayaker, that would be such a neat ride.

Indian head

Grand Portal

Battleship Row - looks like the back ends of battleships all lined up in port.

Flower Vase

Indian Drum- the boaters there were rescuing a fawn who was stuck in the cove. Apparently they get scared and jump off the cliff, then swim to shore but can't get out of there. 

Chapel Cove- our boat actually pulled into the part that's a bit blurry from sun glare...

Chapel Rock- if you look closely, the roots of the pine tree at the top stretch across the opening to the rocks on the other side.  There used to be an arch there, but has caved in. Apparently there are lots of cave-ins in the Pictured Rocks, one was 8 days ago.

Miners Falls, this was the fall we were headed to when Annaliese face-planted.

My hikers, all cleaned up.  They were such troopers!

Musining Falls

Wagner Falls. This one was my favorite. The stream it fed into meandered through the forest and you could just plot my future house next to it. It was so beautiful and peaceful.


Jennifer said...

Wow, gorgeous! Glad the fall didn't require stitches - sure looks like it could have from that picture!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Ouch!! Glad to hear that your DD face isn't as bad as it looks! Love the gorgeous photos!