Monday, July 2, 2012

Michigan Trip | Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sunday morning, after sleeping in, grabbing breakfast, and shopping for picnic stuff, we headed northwest to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. We got there late afternoon on Sunday, so just did a bit of exploring, and the kids played in the water (the van is great for kids to change clothes in, not so much adults). Monday we did the scenic drive, visited the blacksmith at Glen Haven, and played at the beach.

The Dune Climb = Insane. Why this is fun for anyone other than 5-year-olds is beyond me. This was about 5 steps from the edge, and about all the farther Annaliese walked before begging to be carried.  Notice Ian running up ahead...

He had to do lots of pausing to wait for us. I could only take a few steps before my leg muscles hurt and I was out of breath. Didn't seem to faze him, though.

Annaliese begging to be picked up after taking a climbing break.

That blue dot is Ian running back down the hill.

And that would be Darrin and Annaliese coming back down. We didn't try to climb it again.

We went to the beach in hopes of making up for the crappy trip up the dunes. It worked.

Monday morning at the Lake Michigan overlook on the scenic drive.

Photo courtesy of Ian. It was kinda bright...

Beach day two. This time Darrin and I suited up. Annaliese loved the water and didn't want to get out, even though she was shivering nearly the entire time. 

Ian spent most of his time on the rocky shore. Definitely need water shoes or tough feet. It was painful to walk out into the water, but worth it once out there.

Warming up before getting in the van and on the road.

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