Monday, July 2, 2012

Michigan Trip | Ann Arbor

We traveled to Ann Arbor for Darrin's cousin's wedding on Saturday.  We broke the trip up with a night at Great Billie's and arrived in A2 on Friday night, where we met up with Darrin's parents and some more of his extended family for dinner at Red Robin.  Saturday morning meant swimming with Grandpa Dan, Grandma Diane, Uncle Brian, and Aunt Jodi.  Annaliese and I took a nap before the wedding while the boys went out with everyone to get us lunch.  Then it was off to Curt and Emily's wedding and reception.  We had a blast!
Ring Around the Rosie with Grandpa and Grandma
Uncle Brian throwing Ian to Darrin. Ian wasn't a big fan of that...
Annaliese got a new life jacket to wear for the trip (thanks Aunt Stephanie for showing Owen's last year on the blog).  She was a little fish in the water. LOVED IT!
She was so confident she was jumping off the side all by herself by the end, and didn't want to leave.
The bride and groom. Quickest ceremony ever. Most beautiful flowers ever.
Annaliese was obsessed with the drinking fountain at the church, pressing the button to get a sip, then backing away and having the water drip down the front of her. I think she got 20 sips or so. 
Centerpieces at the reception. The beautiful blue-purple orchids were the same as in Emily's bouquet.
Brian and Darrin. Funny comment: While we were packing, Darrin commented on the fact my dad wouldn't be there, so he wouldn't have to worry about anyone else wearing  a green shirt. Guess he thought wrong...
Annaliese was all about shaking her groove thing.  And she does the leading; there was no way she was letting me lead.  Didn't matter if she had a partner or not, she was dancing. During the line dances, she would watch what the others were doing and try her best to follow along.

Ian was all about the light sabers (glow sticks).  Here he got in the middle of the dance floor circle with his dueling partner.  He and another little boy spent most of the night running and dueling.

Annaliese and Darrin's cousin Amanda

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