Sunday, July 15, 2012

Splash Station

After naptime yesterday (well, we woke Annaliese up early), we headed to Fremont to go to Splash Station with Marlena and Walter. We were there for about two hours and had lots of fun. It was the perfect place for the kids; the deepest section is 3 feet 6 inches, and had lots of different options, the train with its slides, a mushroom, wave pool, and just a calm pool section to hang out in. Annaliese was terrified of the water tower that would overflow, and it took us a long time to get her into the water, but she was loving the slides and swimming around by herself by the end of the day. Ian asked as we were leaving if we could go back there. Seeing as how it only cost us $16.50 for all of us, I think it's a pretty good possibility.
We basically had to start our day here at the splash pad part.  Shortly after we got in the water, they blew the whistle for a 10-minute break, which they apparently have every hour.  Funny thing was, when you could get back in the water, this area basically got no use. 
She didn't mind it under the mushroom, where no water could get her, it was getting there that was a bit troublesome.
Chilling in the wave pool. Annaliese was content to float, bouncing with the waves.
Family picture (Thanks Marlena!)
Synchronized toddler throwing
Another 10-minute break. This one was great for slathering on sunscreen and enjoying a snack (and what is my daughter thinking?!)
Chopping down the geysers.
The train had three different slides ending in various depths of water. This one was about 6 inches.  It took lots of coaxing to get Annaliese or Walter to go down initially with the spraying water at the top, but they got used to it and asked to go again and again. 
Ian's favorite slide was this one, ending in about 2 feet of water.  He'd slide down, just top pop up and run around to the stairs to go again.  You can see the third slide on the left in the picture. It ends in about 3 feet of water. 
Annaliese discovered that Darrin could just plop her down at the top of the slide Ian loved, and it quickly became one her favorite, too. What surprised both Darrin and I was how easily she stood up when she got to the bottom. I think she liked it better because there was no water spraying at the top.
My water princess. That life jacket was worth every cent we paid for it.
My surfer dude, who kindly shared his life jacket with Walter.
Here's a different angle of the train, with the water tower blowing. Ian and I got under it once... it hurts! Annaliese was right to be scared of it.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like an awesome water park!