Monday, July 23, 2012

Zoo Visits

We've been to the zoo a couple times in the last few weeks. We hadn't really been there much before vacation as mornings were filled with Jedi Camp and swimming lessons, so we're trying to make up for lost time. One day we met my friend Meeghan and her daughters there. Ian really enjoyed hanging out with her older daughter (the younger was just 11 weeks old and so adorable!).

This was the first time we'd seen Lemur Island open in about two years.

Fossil dig- he'd stay all day.

I was trying to snap a picture of the gorilla that's coming into frame behind Annaliese, but as soon as it started heading our way, she got scared, turned around, and flew into my arms. Had to let the camera hang around my neck to catch her in time (she's on a ledge).

Dwarf Sea Horses- I put my hand on the glass so you could get a true idea of their size.

Our favorite place

Baby giraffe in background- my favorite animals.

The skirt Annaliese was wearing wouldn't fall  down when she'd climb out of the stroller to look. It was always flaired up.

This gecko looked so fake. It was creeping along the branch, moving about a centimeter every few seconds. So neat to watch.

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Cara said...

can't wait to go there in a few weeks.