Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Thought on Multi-Font Titles

Today my thought on multi-font titles is up at Thinking*Through*Design. I like to use different fonts a lot in my titles- jazzes things up a bit, adding interest and helping to direct attention to what I think is more important.  For my layout at T*T*D, I adapted the rules I learned for how to write titles when I was in elementary school, using big letters for the words that are important and little letters for those that aren't.

I had a bit of trouble coming up with a title for this layout that was multi-word, but once I came up with this, I got excited to write the journaling.  See, we actually went down this trail twice. The first time, as we headed to Musining Falls in Michigan, the kids would chase each other, and then Annaliese face planted.  The journaling here talks about how the second time down, we took a slower pace. But if you open the picture of the kids running, you'll find the story of how she got all bloody and cleaned up.

 Here are some more layouts I've done lately with different font titles.  The first one is the story of the day Annaliese was born. I wanted birth to be the prominent word in the title, so I used a bolder font.

 On this one, I wanted to use smaller fonts so that the "stomping at" would fit before the 'k' in backbone.

For this one, I thought each word in the title was important, but having them in the same font would have been boring, and possibly have taken up more room than I would have liked on the layout. 

Make sure to head over to T*T*D and see the awesome work the other gals did!

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Steffanie said...

Colleen---I totally love your TTD layout! I just may have to lift it in the near future ;-). I like your little photos on the tag in the upper left, the way your one photo opens up to reveal another photo along with journaling and your cute little tree die-cut. It's all just perfect. I do exactly what you do when mixing fonts in a title---key words are larger while supporting words are smaller. Great minds think alike!