Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Weeknd of Fall

We celebrated the first weekend of fall at Martin's Hillside Orchard, and it was the perfect way to kick off the new season.  The temps were even fall-like in the low 60s, leaves were changing, and the sun was shining brightly.  It was a PERFECT fall day.

The past two seasons we've gone to a different orchard, but their you-pick season was over already. Marlena sent me the link for Martin's (she'd never been there, just was searching for orchards), and I'm so glad we made the hour drive there, seeing parts of Nebraska we'd never seen before.

There was plenty to do at the orchard besides pick apples. There was a butterfly garden with lots of structures to play under as well, a playground, trike trail, straw mountain, tire mountain, and other fun things. We had to check all that out before we could even think of picking apples.

Gourd Cave
Corn Stalk Teepee
Bear  Tunnel
Eye Spy at the playground
Tire swing fun
Corn maze queen
King of the Mountain
Climbing Tire Mountan
Running on the Dragon's Tail
Then it was on to picking apples.  There were lots of varieties to choose from.  In the end we ended up with about 50 pounds of apples- a combination of Haralson, Jonathan, Empire, and Melrose. We can already attest that they go together to make a great apple crisp, and have plans to make lots of sauce.  The orchard had a pumpkin cart that worked great for hauling the apples, as well as for hauling Annaliese.  She did not want to get out and help with the apples. It wasn't until she realized there wouldn't be room for her in the cart with all the apples that she got out to help. Before that, all she did was whine and cry.  Ian was a great helper, jumping in right away to help pick.  They both got to snack on an apple for their hard work (the owners told us to feel free to try an apple if we didn't know how they'd taste. Glad we did, that's how we found the Melrose, our new favorite).

Ian picking some Jonathans
Me playing with the camera
Annaliese's favorite spot. She refused to get out and help until there were bags of apples taking up her space.
Finally got out to help pick, though she had trouble getting the apples to pull free from the tree.
Much more content to just watch us pick and eat her apple.
She's actually staring at a butterfly amongst the fallen apples.
The apples of my eye.
Big helper for the day.
Back at home, after a dinner of homemade pizza and apple crisp, Darrin gave the kids a bath and I went for my walk.  I came home to find Buzz and Woody pictures on the camera. So glad Darrin grabbed the camera while I was out to capture these moments.



Cara said...

It is so funny to see them together in Ian's old Buzz costume and how much he's grown since wearing it towering over Annaliese now in it. Looks like you had fun at the orchard too. At least it was warmer for you. I made apple crisp when we came home too!

Jennifer said...

I laughed out loud at Woody! He is a hoot! Sounds like a great day - we had a beautiful first day of fall here too.