Saturday, September 8, 2012

We're still alive

and Annaliese is still as photogenic as ever. She does this crazy thing right now where she smiles really big and closes her eyes.  Can't get a nice, pretty smile out of her any more.  She makes me laugh so much!

Trying on Mommy's glasses (that floor is pretty clean for us...)

At Applebee's. She was ornery and wouldn't sit on the bench, but the window ledge instead.

I have no idea why she's doing this one... but she's making her signature face in it.

So last Friday I bring her home from day care and notice as I'm getting her out of the car something under her dress.  Apparently she wore a cheerleading skirt home from preschool.  Someone told me this is how shoplifting starts...

Crazy face

Showing off her sticker she got for being a Super Cleaner at preschool

Playing in the backyard after supper.

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