Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Themes

As I look back at the pictures taken over the course of Thanksgiving weekend, I noticed a few themes:

iPad.  I got one from work a couple weeks ago to use for my job, but a big benefit of that was being able to download some apps on it for the kids. Came in handy on the long car ride, but also for a bit of bonding time and showing family members all the wonders of technology.  They showed Oliver a Mickey app, Great Grandpa got a kick out of watching Ian play Jake (there was a comment from Grandma about how she remembers dial phones being a big deal), and Aunt Stephanie added some of the apps we mentioned to her iPad, which the kids then had to watch Owen play.
Old Toys. I think it's kinda funny I follow something as new as the iPad up by telling about how much fun the kids had playing with toys Darrin and I played with as kids, or older yet, my aunts and uncles played with.  They found Darrin's old Nerf guns and had fun attacking everyone. Ian has become obsessed with my old Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. They actually made the return trip home with us. Not to mention the Little People items the kids always play with at my parents' house.  As always, the first stop at my grandparents' house was the basement so Ian could retrieve the train my aunts and uncles played with- now held together with twist ties.  Most surprising to me was to find the Hot Wheels track all set up at Great Billie's. I remember lots of fun times playing with that as a kid, and tried so hard to find something like that for Ian when he was younger. They just don't make things like they used to.






Teasing. Mostly from Uncle Brian or Darrin, but even Great Grandpa got in on the action.







Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was sitting at work, reviewing IEPs, and waiting for the clock to hit 4:15. All I could think about was picking up the kids and getting home to finish the scrapbook page I had laid out on my table. This wasn't the first time, nor the last time, I'd had those thoughts. And then it dawned on me- this must be what Moneik and Jennifer think of quilting.

I met both of them online back when I thought of myself as a quilter. I had found them through blogs and even had an online group for awhile.  But I never understood how they quilted so much- how they got so much done during the week.  It was like quilting was all they could think about.  I enjoyed it, but it was more the final product than the process I enjoyed.

I had dabbled in scrapbooking while I was quilting. Scrapbooking was frustrating, though. It didn't have a pattern like quilting and I wasn't happy with the composition of many of my pages. And then I got this, what I thought was a novel, idea, to take the pages I liked in magazines and create pages that looked like them. And it all took off from there. Quilting is still something I do, but more out of necessity and because I feel guilty for all my fabric, but what I really love, what I think about while at work and can't wait to for the kids to go to bed so I can, is sccrapbook.  

Club CK is part of the reason I love scrapping, too. The inspiration and support there inspires me to create more.  

Here's a few of my recent layouts:
Annaliese playing in Lake Michigan while vacationing at Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore. The rocks around the pink are rocks I picked up while we were there.  Layout  was based on a sketch from Scrapbook Generation. Most of the papers and embellishments are Fancy Pants.  Created for a challenge to incorporate a unique border.

Last year for advent, we did an activity ever day. This layout documents all of them.  Can't believe I got 24 pictures to fit in an organized, cohesive manner on a layout.  Created for a challenge on traditions.
A page for our bike trip around Mackinac Island- an 8.2 miles ride. I scanned  the map from one of our brochures and blew it up.  Created for a challenge to use a number in your title.
DSC_0312 copy
Page for Annaliese's first Halloween. Such a cutie pie! Created for a challenge to incorporate vellum (bee's wings and journaling block.
One of our advent activities was a camp-out by the Christmas tree. Love the Christmas tree on this one, and how I used a grommet that I've had in my stash forever. Created for a challenge to do a layout based off an inspiration piece.  My inspiration piece had a large stitched heart.
I created this one for Thinking*Through*Design, to create a page with dimension.  The stitched leaves didn't turn out as I had hoped, but I love  the title area with leaves and buttons. Annaliese's first time playing in the leaves.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Thought on Pre-Embellished Paper

There's a new thought up at Thinking*Through*Design, and this thought was a doozie for me.  I prefer to start with a clean canvas, not one that has embellished elements on it already.  For two days, I looked through pictures trying to find ones that went with the pre-embellished patterned paper I had.  Then I went and bought the Simple Stories Harvest Lane pack, thinking new paper would inspire, but I just continued to look through pictures.

Then I got a preview of the thought, and everything changed. I was trying to fit lots of pictures on the page, which after reading the thought, I learned isn't really a good idea.  Once I knew I was working with only one or two pictures, it was easy to find pictures that worked, especially when I found an inspiration layout.

The pictures and papers went on quickly, but after rereading the thought, I wanted to enhance the embellishments that came on the page. Stitching is one of the things I always think about using, so I stitched on the stems of the flowers and added buttons to the center.  This went from a page that I was cursing about in the beginning to a page I truly love.