Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Advent Activity Dec. 17 & 18

Advent activity for Dec. 17 was watching a video from Santa via Portable North Pole. This was the first year we did a video for Annaliese, so we played hers first.  When Santa started off the video with , "Why hello, Annaliese!" she drew back from the counter in shock, her mouth falling open. She then immediately got freaked out and covered her eyes with her arm (her damsel in distress pose as we like to call it). After a few seconds, though, she peeked out and watched the rest of her video going back and forth between eyes uncovered and covered.  Ian asked as soon as I picked him up from school when he was going to see it because he really wanted to know if he made the good list or the naughty list this year. Turns out he was on the good-but-needs-improvement list (though really, we are so blessed as they really are both good kids). After they both watched their videos, they had to watch them both again.

Link for Ian's video            
Link for Annaliese's video   

A few seconds into her video...


Advent activity for Dec. 18 was snowman pancakes for dinner. I love the nights when I can incorporate our activity into our meal- there are some nights when there's just not enough time to do something else in addition to dinner... or there's just not enough energy to do something additional.  We had turkey bacon for a scarf, blueberries and banana slices for decorating, and yogurt for hair or snow (I meant to buy redi whip but forgot).  They had lots of fun decorating them. Annaliese ate all her adornments before I got a picture taken, so she had to decorate it all again. They do love fruit, that's for sure. 




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