Sunday, December 23, 2012

Advent Activity Dec 9 and 10

It has dawned on me, the day before Christmas Eve, that I will not get caught up on my December Daily before Christmas. It will be the priority item to get finished the second week of break, but it's just not going to happen.  Along with this realization came the thought that I don't want to be blogging all about Advent during January. So, I'll just post my December Daily pages in a new post when I get them finished.

Our Advent Activity for December 9th was supposed to be ice skating, but with temps falling throughout the day and windchill in the single digits, Marlena and Noah offered us the alternative of decorating mugs, and I threw in some homemade truffle hot chocolate. We drew on our mugs with Sharpies and then baked them in the oven to set the images.  It's a bit hard to tell the difference between Annaliese's and Ian's.  Ian found it difficult to draw on the round surface, so he gave up on trying to draw pictures and instead just scribbled.  None of us could top Noah the artist, though.








Our Advent Activity for December 10th was painting your own wrapping paper. Last year the kids finger painted, but this year they opted to paint with brushes.  Ian was very purposeful in his approach; he created a Christmas treasure map.  Annaliese went to town painting with as many colors as possible.  Her sheets from day care have said how much she wants to paint every day there, and I can see why.  She kept asking for more and more paint. 



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