Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas morning brought Christmas with my family.  We opened our stockings and got down to the job of opening presents. Ian was getting pretty tired of taking turns opening presents by this point; he just wanted to open all of his.  Annaliese and Oliver, after the present opening got started, used their waiting time to run around the house; they weren't as concerned with presents as Ian, so it actually worked out well in that we let Ian open more of his presents while they were playing. 

First things first, checking out what's in the stockings.
Grandma helping Annaliese with her paper.
Shake, shake, shake to see what's inside.
Two princesses to go with Ian's castle.
Ian's initial reaction was, "Awww, man, clothes" until he realized it was pirates.
Everyone listening to the Mickey Mouse Christmas story with Darrin and my voice recorded on it as a gift for Oliver.
Ian excited to open more of his castle accessories. After presents were all done, he attempted to knock one of the knights off his horse using the catapult.
Grandpa gave Ian Battleship because it was a game they could play on a table.  Ian has played it multiple times a day since he got it.
Annaliese and Oliver running from the kitchen into the living room. Forget presents, this was way more fun.
I found it interesting that after Annaliese had opened a multitude of gifts, it was my old Fischer Price Little People house that's always out at Grandma and Grandpa's that she wanted to play with.

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