Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Daily/Advent 3

December 3rd's activity for advent was write your letter to Santa Claus. 

Annaliese drew her letter (the marker on her hands is a star for being a super cleaner at preschool), and Ian wrote his with a pen. It was so different than last year- didn't have to give a visual of how to spell with the magnets, just tell him the letters. In a few instances, the teacher in me came out and I had him spell the word, hence castle is spelled casl, but my heart sang with all the writing his was doing.  So on their list was: 

Annaliese- big girl bike and princess backpack (good thing Santa has those already)
Ian- castle, dingy, long Lincoln logs, and the Millennium Falcon (Santa's got the first two covered). 






 For the December Daily for today, I created some envelopes and put the kids' letters inside, then wrote my own little note to Santa as the journaling on my page. 



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Debbie said...

So cute, they were both so serious when they were composing their letters to Santa. Then Mom does another one of her creative scrapbook pages. Enjoy all of your works of art and pictures.