Friday, December 14, 2012

December Daily/Advent 4

Today was supposed to be "eat dessert first" day, but as Ian spent the day home sick, and I wasn't feeling 100%, we opted for a low-key supper of oatmeal with applesauce mixed in so as not to upset stomachs more and ended up switching the activity to making snowflakes. 

 I wasn't sure how well this would go over with the kids. As a matter of fact, I didn't think they'd like it at all. I didn't think Annaliese would be interested in doing it, and that Ian would get frustrated and give up.  Neither of those happened. Annaliese was adamant about doing it herself, which made both Darrin and I nervous. She was swinging those scissors like crazy so Darrin would get away, because he was trying to step in and help.  It was funny watching her use the scissors, too. Every time she'd open them, her mouth would open, and it would open and close as she opened and closed the scissors. She couldn't get them open far enough, though, and eventually she asked Darrin for help.

Ian really got into it, once he figured out he had to use the very back of the scissors, not the tip.  He kept cutting one, and then another and another. He always cut off the point, making a large star in the center, but had trouble when it came to the edge of the flake.  I think he had it figured out by the end, and fun cutting them out no matter what.  We took the snowflakes we made and taped them to our door, since I doubt we'll be seeing any actual snow fall through the window this month.








And now my page for my December Daily. I'm loving using the Simple Stories paper. It really doesn't take to long to get the photos on the paper, add my journalling, and a few little emellishments.  Just wish I had more time at night to do it so I wasn't so far behind.  For today's, I added some sparkle to the snowflakes that were already on the page, and added some pearls to the centers of them. The journaling is hidden behind the top picture.  The page protector contains the cards to Santa from the previous day, so on the back of them I folded up one snowflake each of them cut out and added another picture.

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