Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily/Advent 7

On December 7th, our advent activity was camping out by the Christmas tree. 

The night actually entails a lot more than simply sleeping by the tree. We had brinner that night; Christmas tree French toast. Simply cut the toast with an X to make the four triangles, then stacked them.  There were strawberries and bananas for "ornaments". Best thing was, the kids got so caught up in decorating them they forgot to ask for syrup. 

After dinner and baths, Darrin hauled our mattress down to the living room and I popped some popcorn (and threw in some M&Ms once popped).  We all got cozy on the mattress and watched Home Alone. Neither kid had seen it before.  In the beginning, Ian would turn around frequently and say to me, "I'm scared." No matter how many times I promised him I wouldn't pick a scary movie, or I promised him that Kevin would be okay and the bad guys would get it in the end, he just wouldn't believe me, so he ended up sitting in my lap for the beginning of it. 

When the booby trap part started, Ian just laughed and laughed. He mentioned quiet often how smart of a kid Kevin was.  Annaliese, meanwhile, watched parts, but other times would play on the mattress or run from the deck door and crash onto the mattress. 

When the movie was over, it was time for bed (about 9:30). Ian fell asleep within about 15 minutes, but Annaliese was still awake and talking to Baby Belle at 11:30. I didn't want to be kept awake any longer, so we walked up to her room, snuggled in her big girl bed for a few minutes, and then I went back downstairs. I think we both slept better after that.  This activity is probably one of my favorite ones we do. I'm sure it will be an annual occurrence for a long time.




December Daily layout for today. Darrin pointed out to me my journaling doesn't include the story of the French toast, so I'm going to have to rewrite that. One thing that drives me nuts about the page protectors- they're not a true 4x6 or 4x3 size, hence why you see the carpet under the picture of us on the mattress.  Love  how easy the pre-embellished pages go together, though. Just a picture, couple banners, a few stickers, and some Thickers. Lickety split.

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