Saturday, January 19, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Two

Week two is in the books. So far the beginning-of-the year excitement about doing Project Life is sticking with me.  I've got this crazy idea that I'll post the previous week's spread on my blog on Saturday so that our loved ones know what's going on in our lives; and that the need to post will help keep me on schedule, too. So here's a look at week two, January 7-13.

Project Life 2013 Week Two

Most of the stories this week come from Saturday and Sunday. Just the way it is some weeks.  Everything is from the Seafoam digital kit except for the Packers card. I used an image from the web and put it on the free grid card to print. It tells the story of the end of the season for the Packers and our long wait until August.  The music insert is a note Ian brought home from music class this week for being a Marvelous Musician (he followed directions and behaved during class).

Dance Party
Dance Party! Darrin spent his birthday money on a new blu-ray player. This one streams live, including Pandora. While one of our favorite songs was play, Some Nights by FUN., everyone hopped up and had a dance party.
Biker Chick
Biker Boy

While I was serving dinner at Rainbow House, Darrin parked in the driveway to let the kids ride their bikes in the garage. It was Annaliese's first venture on her new big girl bike, and she did really well! Check it out on video here
Cooling Fudge Bars

I had to make bars for church on Sunday, but of course wanted to sample them, first. The outdoor temps make a great place for cooling down the bars quickly so we could eat them for dessert.
Sibling Love

Caught the two of them watching TV like this, though I'm not sure what Annaliese was looking at when I snapped the picture.
Prayer Time
After we read a story at bedtime, we always say our prayers. We start with The Lord's Prayer, and then roll into our specific prayer. I love watching Annaliese say her prayers; usually we lay in her bed facing each other with our hands pressed together praying. I wanted to get a video of it, but instead of being her sweet self, she got a little silly.
Noise Makers
Just a merged picture of my two noise makers. A pretty common sight around our house, especially Ian making noise with his mouth while he plays.

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