Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sledding at Grandma and Grandpa's

Friday the 28th we spent at my parents' house. Growing up, I always had a great time sledding there, and I'm so glad my kids can experience sledding there, too (though Annaliese did NOT enjoy it!)  Behind their house is a large shed to hold a semi and trailer.  The road to get to it is long with a slight incline, and the fact the snow is scraped and then packed makes it go pretty fast.  By the end, though, the gravel was really showing, so Darrin and Ian switched to a complete opposite type of hill- short and steep.  Both of them were equally fun.  When we set out from the house, we had to go down the steep, short hill to get to the road.  Annaliese went down on her sled and when she reached the bottom, the first words out of her mouth were, "Go back to Gan-ma and Gan-pa's!"  She was adamant about it and really didn't like sledding. Darrin took her two more times after that, with her kicking and screaming. Then we just had her stand by whoever was snapping the pictures, though Darrin did get her to go down one more time at the end... by tricking her.

We went sledding with my sister and my nephew Oliver. He, unlike Annaliese, loved it.  It was snowing lightly while we were going and the snow was so powdery. It was perfect.
This was Annaliese's second time down. Not loving it, but at least she allowed Darrin to take her.
And this was her third time. You can't tell from the pictures that she hated it, but she got off and just screamed and kicked when Darrin tried to pick her up.  Ian, however, is loving every minute.
I actually passed the camera off and got in on the sledding, too.
I just love the composition of the photo, though I wish there was something prettier in the background...
A wide view of where we are. If you click on the picture to make it bigger, you can really see how pretty it was with the snow falling.
A switch to the short, steep hill. The show here isn't packed down like the road, and it was so powdery. There was lots of snow flying in the face.
Bracing for the incoming snow...

At the bottom of the hill. His long eyelashes had collected snowflakes that then melted into water droplets.

Love the contrast of her bright clothes with the white snow.
DSC_0528 (2)
After going down the steep hill a few times, they thought they had it packed enough to go on their stomachs. Ian had a great time, but Darrin still took some snow to the face.
DSC_0532 (2)
Trying to catch flakes on her tongue.
DSC_0553 (2)
Last sled ride. They went down the steep hill again, but got off the track.  Annaliese really didn't enjoy it and was defending herself against the impending snow about to fly in her face.

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