Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Six

Week six covers Feb. 4-Feb 10, so I'm a few weeks behind. I should be caught up after this week, though!
Left page pretty much Seafoam cards or ones I created to add to the line. The insert is a painting Ian did in art class of a ship in the ocean.

The back of the ocean insert showing the island. The other insert was another art class creation, a bug with transparency-like wings.
The right page this week shows the back of the bug and some more Seafoam.  The bottom left pocket I didn't have a picture for and I had no idea how to fill it (part of the reason this week took longer).  I scrolled through facebook but didn't have any posts.  Then I looked in my text messages. Annaliese is obsessed with the letter 'A' and pretty much other letters. When we practice sight words with Ian for school, she has a practice letters with her.  She texted Darrin her message, and I printed it out and wrote the story next to it.  I also, used some tiny letter stickers and added them to the two right cards so that is says, "She is loving this," and, "He is treasured." I took journaling a bit different on those cards, and instead of telling the story of the pictures, told about what the two kids are currently obsessed with.

And now, a closer look at the pictures for this week:
Monday night we joined the Y, and as it was late, went out for dinner instead.  Annaliese didn't eat much, but she did get to eat her ice cream for dessert.

I finished my December Daily.  It's a scrapbook with a page for every day in December up until we open presents. It documents every Advent activity that we did.
Ian was home sick on Tuesday that week with a fever. He acted normal in the morning, when we had given him some Advil, but by the time afternoon rolled around and the Advil had worn out, he was down for the count on the couch.
He made Racky and Karma lunch while he was home sick that morning. Thought it was so sweet :)
At the time this picture was taken, he was a few days away from turning 6 and obsessed with anything Star Wars.

On Wednesday the weather was great and we rode bikes after school (Ian's fever had cracked the evening before and he was ready to go back to school). 
Annaliese was brave enough to venture out and try the hill. She couldn't pedal up it very well- I had to hold on and pull up her, and I definitely had to hold on on the way down, as she isn't that great with the brakes yet.

She also loves Legos, and playing Star Wars with Ian, and Disney Princesses, and dancing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rapunzel Tangled Brunch

We had the party for Annaliese the following morning. I wanted both kids to have a moment in the spotlight, but didn't want to have our families make two trips, so we did her party the following. I thought it worked out great. We had watched the movie Tangled a couple weeks ago and she's been on a Rapunzel kick ever since.

It was the perfect party for a brunch, as we could make her cake, Rapunzel's tower, out of donuts and a muffin.  I think it was a hit with her, and there was absolutely no complaint about having to blow her candles out of a donut instead of a piece of cake.
Rapunzel's Donut Tower

Birthday Girl

To eat, besides donuts, we had scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese served in a cast iron skillet (if you haven't seen the movie, Rapunzel hits Flynn in the face with a frying pan and the pan is then incorporated throughout the rest of the film).  We also served an assortment of fruit, milk, and juice.
Brunch Spread

After breakfast, the kids each received a Pascal blower, and then we played pin the frying pan on Flynn. The kids weren't too keen on wearing a blindfold, so I covered up their eyes with my hands. They both did better than my dad, who completely missed the Flynn poster and got it on one of Ian's drawings.
Pascal Blower

Ian Pin the Pan on Flynn
Annalisee Pin the Pan on Flynn

After that, the kids began playing with all their new toys and our families eventually got on the road and we all took a nap. So thankful for our families who were willing to drive 6 hours for the parties. So thankful for my hubby, who did everything I asked of him to help the party come together. Most importantly, so thankful to have these two kids in my life, even if they are turning a year older and all I want them to do is stay little. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Star Wars Saturday

Saturday we had a party for Ian.  He had wanted a Star Wars party, and I did my best to accommodate. This is the first year I've done games, and Darrin was probably right in that I wanted them more than the kids. I mean, when you have a 6-year-old and three two-year-olds, some of the games might just have been a bit to difficult. They were sure good sports, though!

We started off with an obstacle course through the house.  From Annaliese's room, you had to climb over two pillows in the hall (a bit more difficult for the shorter two-year-olds.
Starting the Obstacle Course

Then is was crawl through a tent and under the table, coming out the other side.
Ending the Obstacle Course

Under the Table

From there, you ran around the island and defeated the storm troopers (well, only Ian actually did that part).
Defeating the Storm Troopers

The little Jedi's were then awarded their light sabers and robes.  The light sabers are pool noodles with duct tape and electric tape around the bottom. We had some balloons for them to hit around and they had fun playing in the tent, too.
In the Star Wars Tent

Padawan Ian

Padawan Annaliese

The Young Jedi's

For dinner, we had Han burgers, Jar Jar Links (hot dogs), Bow-ba Fett pasta salad, grape sabers, Vader veggies Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, and The Dark Side beer (a local brewery actually has a beer called Dark Side).
Star Wars Party Spread

It was a pretty simple cake this year. I used this chocolate cake recipe and did make the raspberry filling for the center (though I only used half of it) and cream cheese frosting for dessert. I was able to keep it simple because I knew Noah was painting peg dolls to represent the main characters, and we were able to put them around the side to decorate it.
Jedi Birthday Cake

Following cake, the kids got to attack a Darth Vader pinata with their light sabers. It was a pull-string pinata, and eventually the kids took turns pulling strings until Ian was the lucky one that opened it up.

Attacking Darth

Pulling the Pinata Open

Ian had a great time at his party, which was the most important thing.  He got lots of great gifts, too (Thanks everyone!).  I got most of my ideas for his party from here, and the rest from surfing Pinterest.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Friday Night Feast

No, your eyes are  not deceiving you- there is no Project Life post this week. It was birthday bash weekend at our house, and in the weeks leading up to it, I was focused on prep for it instead of Project Life and scrapping. Sometimes you actually have to make memories if you want something to scrap. 

On Friday night, we went to a Japanese steakhouse. It was the first time for the kids. Ian really enjoyed it. Annaliese, not so much...

Fire at the other table
Before our chef  arrived, Ian was awe-struck by the chefs at the other tables. His fingers were in his mouth- a habit he has when he's super excited/nervous.
Chopstick Light Sabers
The chopsticks made great light sabers- an excellent way to spend time waiting for the chef.
Hot Fire
And the chef started off with a big fire.  Ian pulled back from the heat.  Annaliese was hiding her face on Darrin's lap. 
Bowl Flip
Flipping a bowl of rice before handing it to Darrin.
Trying out Chopsticks
Annaliese liked playing with the chopsticks...
Resisting the Rice
but wasn't excited about the food. She loves rice at home, but refused to eat basically anything here.
Catching the Shrimp
And the shrimp toss. All the adults attempted it. I was definitely not as talented as Darrin was in this department (the shrimp is the streak headed straight towards his mouth). 

It was a fun place to go for Ian's birthday. I loved watching his face as he took it all in.  He ate ALL his shrimp and was amazed at what the chef could do.  It was a great way to kick off the weekend of celebrating.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 5

Another week in the books, and I am loving it. Here's a look at Jan. 28 - Feb. 3:

Project Life Week 5 Left
Week 5 left and insert.  The heart journal card I made to go with the Seafoam kit.  The insert is a picture Ian drew at school. Yoda is playing football with Obi Wan (the yellow figure on the right).
Project Life Week 5 right
Week 5 insert and right. The insert is a picture Annaliese colored at day care.  The right page are all pictures from our snow day on Wednesday. The title is American Craft Thickers. Everything else is Seafoam. 
Stair Jumpers
The kids would count to three and then jump from the stairs. The poses we caught them in were hilarious.
Stair Posers
And then they started posing for the camera. Love these two!
TV Pose
Ian has been playing video games when we get home, but Annaliese still wants to watch Jake. Caught her watching Jake like this one day.
Pear Eater
The kids have been wanting to eat their fruit whole lately, and Annaliese had juice dripping all down her face.
Mommy Kisses
She wanted to give me a kiss, and boy, what a kiss it was. Love her!
Invisible Light Saber Fighting
Wednesday that week was a snow day. The kids started off the morning playing light saber duel, with invisible light sabers.
Snow Day Angels
We ventured outside after lunch to enjoy the snow. It was good we did, because it melted a few days later.
Snow Day Run
The sled didn't work too well on the hill, so they opted for running up and down the hill.
Snow Day Hot Cocoa
And then it was inside for hot cocoa.
Snow Day Cocoa
And some yummy cocoa it was :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Four

January 21-27, 2013. Another week in the books. I'm loving working on this. The mojo has stuck through the first month, now to see if it will stay through February :)
Project Life Week 4a
On the left page I attached a ticket stub from going to the movies on MLK day with Ian. Two inserts this week. I included some writing/drawing Ian did in school: "I go on a hike."
Project Life Week 4b
On the back of his story is a painting Annaliese did. The second insert is pictures from our trip Saturday to the Durham Western Heritage Museum. The @ on the title card is Thickers and the letter/word stickers Authentique.
Project Life Week4c
On the back of the insert are more pictures and journaling of the day (journaling cards have washi tape running down the left side).  On the right layout is an "Awesome!" card Ian got  from his kindergarten teacher for following directions during social studies. Everything else is Seafoam.

One thing I've made a point of doing is putting inserts in as I collect them instead of at the end of the week when I put the rest of the page together. It helps remind me when I sit down to put the album all together what happened that week, and it helps eliminate the clutter that seems to accumulate around here. Now, a closer look at the pictures:

Left picture: Annaliese did not take a nap a single day at day care last week, but apparently she was tired, as she fell asleep in the car on the way out for supper Tuesday night. Right picture: Annaliese went to day care on MLK day, and we took Ian to see "Wreck-It Ralph". The popcorn bowl was huge in his lap.
After the movie,we traded in some games, and Ian got to pick one out. He chose "Lego Star Wars" and has played it every afternoon after school.
Transformers- enough said.
Left picture- we've been trying some undies on Annaliese when she's home and willing, but nothing happening so far. She's hiding behind her favorite book right now.  I love listening to her read it.  Right picture- just playing some catch with Ian.
I've been bringing home some books for Ian to read by himself. It's so amazing listening to him read, and the problem solving his does. Darrin and I often look a each other in amazement, communicating with a look that said, "How did he get that?!" 
We, yes, all of us, ate this for dessert every night this week on graham crackers. It's called Funfetti Cake Dip, and is really, really easy to make.
On Saturday we met Marlena, Noah, and Walter at the Durham. We arrived before them, and so we sat down by the statues to kill time.  The thing is, there are speakers connected to the statues and they tell the story of visiting the train station back in its hay day. Ian backed away immediately from the statue when it kicked on and had a look of shock and confusion on his face until we explained what they were. Annaliese would sit on my lap by this particular statue, but she avoided the rest, even if I was next to you.
We arrived at the Durham about 1.5 hours before closing, which was perfect. There weren't a lot of people around and the kids were able to run from one of the train/street cars to the other.
Lots of fun running through the empty cars.
Or pretending to be the conductor.
Enjoying the luxury seating inside one of the cars (Annaliese has been doing lots of silly faces lately when we tell her to say, "Cheese.")
There is a model train set up and the kids enjoyed watching it.
Exploring the teepee in the history portion of the museum. Ian ringing the bell, which was really loud.