Saturday, February 9, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 5

Another week in the books, and I am loving it. Here's a look at Jan. 28 - Feb. 3:

Project Life Week 5 Left
Week 5 left and insert.  The heart journal card I made to go with the Seafoam kit.  The insert is a picture Ian drew at school. Yoda is playing football with Obi Wan (the yellow figure on the right).
Project Life Week 5 right
Week 5 insert and right. The insert is a picture Annaliese colored at day care.  The right page are all pictures from our snow day on Wednesday. The title is American Craft Thickers. Everything else is Seafoam. 
Stair Jumpers
The kids would count to three and then jump from the stairs. The poses we caught them in were hilarious.
Stair Posers
And then they started posing for the camera. Love these two!
TV Pose
Ian has been playing video games when we get home, but Annaliese still wants to watch Jake. Caught her watching Jake like this one day.
Pear Eater
The kids have been wanting to eat their fruit whole lately, and Annaliese had juice dripping all down her face.
Mommy Kisses
She wanted to give me a kiss, and boy, what a kiss it was. Love her!
Invisible Light Saber Fighting
Wednesday that week was a snow day. The kids started off the morning playing light saber duel, with invisible light sabers.
Snow Day Angels
We ventured outside after lunch to enjoy the snow. It was good we did, because it melted a few days later.
Snow Day Run
The sled didn't work too well on the hill, so they opted for running up and down the hill.
Snow Day Hot Cocoa
And then it was inside for hot cocoa.
Snow Day Cocoa
And some yummy cocoa it was :)


Cara said...

I like Ian's hat! :) Has Annaliese tried sledding again since back here?

Debbie said...

We thank you for always entertaining us with your pictures. They never fail to make us smile.