Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Four

January 21-27, 2013. Another week in the books. I'm loving working on this. The mojo has stuck through the first month, now to see if it will stay through February :)
Project Life Week 4a
On the left page I attached a ticket stub from going to the movies on MLK day with Ian. Two inserts this week. I included some writing/drawing Ian did in school: "I go on a hike."
Project Life Week 4b
On the back of his story is a painting Annaliese did. The second insert is pictures from our trip Saturday to the Durham Western Heritage Museum. The @ on the title card is Thickers and the letter/word stickers Authentique.
Project Life Week4c
On the back of the insert are more pictures and journaling of the day (journaling cards have washi tape running down the left side).  On the right layout is an "Awesome!" card Ian got  from his kindergarten teacher for following directions during social studies. Everything else is Seafoam.

One thing I've made a point of doing is putting inserts in as I collect them instead of at the end of the week when I put the rest of the page together. It helps remind me when I sit down to put the album all together what happened that week, and it helps eliminate the clutter that seems to accumulate around here. Now, a closer look at the pictures:

Left picture: Annaliese did not take a nap a single day at day care last week, but apparently she was tired, as she fell asleep in the car on the way out for supper Tuesday night. Right picture: Annaliese went to day care on MLK day, and we took Ian to see "Wreck-It Ralph". The popcorn bowl was huge in his lap.
After the movie,we traded in some games, and Ian got to pick one out. He chose "Lego Star Wars" and has played it every afternoon after school.
Transformers- enough said.
Left picture- we've been trying some undies on Annaliese when she's home and willing, but nothing happening so far. She's hiding behind her favorite book right now.  I love listening to her read it.  Right picture- just playing some catch with Ian.
I've been bringing home some books for Ian to read by himself. It's so amazing listening to him read, and the problem solving his does. Darrin and I often look a each other in amazement, communicating with a look that said, "How did he get that?!" 
We, yes, all of us, ate this for dessert every night this week on graham crackers. It's called Funfetti Cake Dip, and is really, really easy to make.
On Saturday we met Marlena, Noah, and Walter at the Durham. We arrived before them, and so we sat down by the statues to kill time.  The thing is, there are speakers connected to the statues and they tell the story of visiting the train station back in its hay day. Ian backed away immediately from the statue when it kicked on and had a look of shock and confusion on his face until we explained what they were. Annaliese would sit on my lap by this particular statue, but she avoided the rest, even if I was next to you.
We arrived at the Durham about 1.5 hours before closing, which was perfect. There weren't a lot of people around and the kids were able to run from one of the train/street cars to the other.
Lots of fun running through the empty cars.
Or pretending to be the conductor.
Enjoying the luxury seating inside one of the cars (Annaliese has been doing lots of silly faces lately when we tell her to say, "Cheese.")
There is a model train set up and the kids enjoyed watching it.
Exploring the teepee in the history portion of the museum. Ian ringing the bell, which was really loud.

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