Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Six

Week six covers Feb. 4-Feb 10, so I'm a few weeks behind. I should be caught up after this week, though!
Left page pretty much Seafoam cards or ones I created to add to the line. The insert is a painting Ian did in art class of a ship in the ocean.

The back of the ocean insert showing the island. The other insert was another art class creation, a bug with transparency-like wings.
The right page this week shows the back of the bug and some more Seafoam.  The bottom left pocket I didn't have a picture for and I had no idea how to fill it (part of the reason this week took longer).  I scrolled through facebook but didn't have any posts.  Then I looked in my text messages. Annaliese is obsessed with the letter 'A' and pretty much other letters. When we practice sight words with Ian for school, she has a practice letters with her.  She texted Darrin her message, and I printed it out and wrote the story next to it.  I also, used some tiny letter stickers and added them to the two right cards so that is says, "She is loving this," and, "He is treasured." I took journaling a bit different on those cards, and instead of telling the story of the pictures, told about what the two kids are currently obsessed with.

And now, a closer look at the pictures for this week:
Monday night we joined the Y, and as it was late, went out for dinner instead.  Annaliese didn't eat much, but she did get to eat her ice cream for dessert.

I finished my December Daily.  It's a scrapbook with a page for every day in December up until we open presents. It documents every Advent activity that we did.
Ian was home sick on Tuesday that week with a fever. He acted normal in the morning, when we had given him some Advil, but by the time afternoon rolled around and the Advil had worn out, he was down for the count on the couch.
He made Racky and Karma lunch while he was home sick that morning. Thought it was so sweet :)
At the time this picture was taken, he was a few days away from turning 6 and obsessed with anything Star Wars.

On Wednesday the weather was great and we rode bikes after school (Ian's fever had cracked the evening before and he was ready to go back to school). 
Annaliese was brave enough to venture out and try the hill. She couldn't pedal up it very well- I had to hold on and pull up her, and I definitely had to hold on on the way down, as she isn't that great with the brakes yet.

She also loves Legos, and playing Star Wars with Ian, and Disney Princesses, and dancing.

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