Friday, February 22, 2013

Rapunzel Tangled Brunch

We had the party for Annaliese the following morning. I wanted both kids to have a moment in the spotlight, but didn't want to have our families make two trips, so we did her party the following. I thought it worked out great. We had watched the movie Tangled a couple weeks ago and she's been on a Rapunzel kick ever since.

It was the perfect party for a brunch, as we could make her cake, Rapunzel's tower, out of donuts and a muffin.  I think it was a hit with her, and there was absolutely no complaint about having to blow her candles out of a donut instead of a piece of cake.
Rapunzel's Donut Tower

Birthday Girl

To eat, besides donuts, we had scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese served in a cast iron skillet (if you haven't seen the movie, Rapunzel hits Flynn in the face with a frying pan and the pan is then incorporated throughout the rest of the film).  We also served an assortment of fruit, milk, and juice.
Brunch Spread

After breakfast, the kids each received a Pascal blower, and then we played pin the frying pan on Flynn. The kids weren't too keen on wearing a blindfold, so I covered up their eyes with my hands. They both did better than my dad, who completely missed the Flynn poster and got it on one of Ian's drawings.
Pascal Blower

Ian Pin the Pan on Flynn
Annalisee Pin the Pan on Flynn

After that, the kids began playing with all their new toys and our families eventually got on the road and we all took a nap. So thankful for our families who were willing to drive 6 hours for the parties. So thankful for my hubby, who did everything I asked of him to help the party come together. Most importantly, so thankful to have these two kids in my life, even if they are turning a year older and all I want them to do is stay little. 

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