Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Star Wars Saturday

Saturday we had a party for Ian.  He had wanted a Star Wars party, and I did my best to accommodate. This is the first year I've done games, and Darrin was probably right in that I wanted them more than the kids. I mean, when you have a 6-year-old and three two-year-olds, some of the games might just have been a bit to difficult. They were sure good sports, though!

We started off with an obstacle course through the house.  From Annaliese's room, you had to climb over two pillows in the hall (a bit more difficult for the shorter two-year-olds.
Starting the Obstacle Course

Then is was crawl through a tent and under the table, coming out the other side.
Ending the Obstacle Course

Under the Table

From there, you ran around the island and defeated the storm troopers (well, only Ian actually did that part).
Defeating the Storm Troopers

The little Jedi's were then awarded their light sabers and robes.  The light sabers are pool noodles with duct tape and electric tape around the bottom. We had some balloons for them to hit around and they had fun playing in the tent, too.
In the Star Wars Tent

Padawan Ian

Padawan Annaliese

The Young Jedi's

For dinner, we had Han burgers, Jar Jar Links (hot dogs), Bow-ba Fett pasta salad, grape sabers, Vader veggies Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, and The Dark Side beer (a local brewery actually has a beer called Dark Side).
Star Wars Party Spread

It was a pretty simple cake this year. I used this chocolate cake recipe and did make the raspberry filling for the center (though I only used half of it) and cream cheese frosting for dessert. I was able to keep it simple because I knew Noah was painting peg dolls to represent the main characters, and we were able to put them around the side to decorate it.
Jedi Birthday Cake

Following cake, the kids got to attack a Darth Vader pinata with their light sabers. It was a pull-string pinata, and eventually the kids took turns pulling strings until Ian was the lucky one that opened it up.

Attacking Darth

Pulling the Pinata Open

Ian had a great time at his party, which was the most important thing.  He got lots of great gifts, too (Thanks everyone!).  I got most of my ideas for his party from here, and the rest from surfing Pinterest.

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Jennifer said...

Great job on the Star Wars theme! We were debating last week for Jack's party - Legos beat out Star Wars!