Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week Nine

I'm starting to hit the wall. The excitement from the beginning of the year is wearing off, and I'm getting behind because I'm not as motivated. That's why you're seeing a layout from two weeks ago, but not the most recent. It's still not finished, and I have no excuses for it not to be.

Here's a look at week nine, February 25 to March 3, 2013

Project Life Week 9 left
Annaliese turned 3 this week, there was a puppet show at church, and Annaliese held her horses for oatmeal. The insert is a picture Ian drew of our family by our house.
Project Life Week 9 right
Back of the insert are Annaliese's birthday cards and a note from day care on her birthday. It also documents how she made it all day without an accident.  Right page, we went bowling on Saturday and then Walter came over to pay.  In snapping the picture today, I realized I never did finish this like I had thought; I meant to use tiny alphas to spell the name of the bowling alley out on the "You are here" card. I'll do that when I finish up the other weeks.
Here's a closer look at the pictures for this week:

Birthday Girl
Annaliese took princess cupcakes to school for her birthday. She had leftovers we enjoyed for dessert after supper. Glad her face was captured here- not sure I've ever seen this particular expression before. She was excited to turn 3.
Birthday Present
The morning of her birthday, she got to open a present. She was very excited by her princess Vtech game. She loves to text on my phone, and this allows her to type a letter to a princess.
Hold your Horses for Oatmeal
She is just a bit impatient at dinner time. Darrin always tells her to hold her horses, and she pulls her hands back like in the left picture and says, "I'm holding my horses!"  She was excited to eat oatmeal for supper.  Tonight she had an applesauce pouch squeezed on top to make a happy face.
Puppets at Church
Sunday after church service there was a pasta bar and puppet show to raise money for youth mission trips over the summer. The kids LOVE to watch the puppets, so there was no way we were going to miss this.
Ian Bowling
Ian got a free game of bowling from school for his birthday, so we met Marlena, Noah, and Walter at the bowling alley.  We played two games and it proved to be a bit long. Ian was disappointed he never knocked all the pins down, and says he prefers bowling at Grandma Diane's bowling alley.
Annaliese Bowling
It was Annaliese's first time every bowling, and her first ball didn't even make it to the pins. The people bowling next to us showed us the cool ramp, and it saved the day.  She'd push the ball down, and then turn around to walk back, not caring how many she knocked over. 
I See You
A shot Darrin snapped of Annaliese peeking through her dollhouse window. 
Playing with Walter
Walter came back to our house after bowling and he and Annaliese played together. The Cinderella dress has gotten a lot of wear lately, but it's getting really small on her. Have to keep my eye out for a new one!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Weeks Seven and Eight

Finally caught up from all the birthday craziness, and tonight, once the kids are in bed, I'll order pictures for this past week and get started on it.

Week Seven February 11-17.  Covers Ian's birthday, Valentine's Day, and birthday parties for both kids. 
Project Life 2013 Week 7 left
The left page and insert.  I included the Valentine's Ian and Annaliese gave their friends, as well as Annaliese's writing on one.  I added some love stickers to a Seafoam filler card to jazz it up a big.  The insert is a birthday certificate from Ians' teacher.
Project Life 2013 Week 7 right
Right page for the week and insert. The insert contains all Ian's birthday cards.  I used two cards from Simple Stories for journaling cards on the right page.  For the birthday spread, I just chose a few pictures, some of which I know I probably won't include when I make actual layouts of their birthday parties for their albums.
 A closer look at the pictures for the week:
Valentine Writing
Ian had 21 Valentines to address this year.  He wrote "my friend" and "Ian" on all of them himself. By the end, he knew how to spell friend without looking.
Birthday Cupcake
Enjoying a cupcake on his actual birthday.  He took Batman cupcakes to school to share with his class and had enough left over for us each to eat one after supper.
Kobe Steakhouse
Friday night we headed out to Kobe Steakhouse. It was our first time taking the kids to a Japanese steakhouse. Ian loved it, but Annaliese did not.
Star Wars food
Food spread for the Star Wars party on Saturday night. We had "han" burgers, Jar Jar links (hot dogs), grape sabers, Vader veggies, Bow-ba Fett pasta, Jedi Juice, Yoda Soda, and Dark Side beer (a local brewery produces a beer called Dark Side).
Rapunzel Brunch Spread
Rapunzel spread for Annaliese's brunch. Donut tower, fresh fruit, and scrambled eggs and ham served in a frying pan.
Party Fun
Two of my favorite pictures from the party- all the kids in their Jedi robes with their light sabers, and our family before breakfast. 

Week Eight: February 18-24. This was an interesting week in that we had Monday off for President's day, and then had Thursday and Friday off for snow days.

Project Life 2013 Week 8
No inserts this week. The right side is entirely devoted to the snow days and playing in the snow.  The left page is mostly devoted to Annaliese and her week of firsts.
A closer look at pictures for this week:

Big Girl
Left picture: I've been bringing home books from work for Ian to read. Annaliese found this one, though, and played school with it constantly. She'd sit and "read" it, saying what she remembered I had said when I read it to her. She'd tell us, "Come sit close if you want to hear a story." Must be what her teachers say.  Right picture- Sunday the diapers came off and the underwear went on, and she's never looked back. She's holding out her hand waiting for her reward for going in the potty.
Day 1 Swimming Lessons
Sunday was also her first day of swimming lessons ever. You'd never know that because she was completely comfortable in the water; loved jumping in and floating. Such a little fish!
Snow Day Coloring
It started snowing Thursday around lunch. With no snow on the ground to play in yet, the kids spent much of the morning at the table coloring in their books. They spent at least an hour straight just sitting there.
Snow Day Movie
While the snow was falling and they'd grown bored of coloring, they watched Peter Pan and Cinderella.
Snow Angel
Friday the snow had stopped so we headed outside to play. Ian called me over so I could get a picture of him making a snow angel.
Snow Balance Act
Annaliese wasn't into snow angels or sledding. She likes to be on her feet. She loves to say, "I'm balancing!" and show off her skills.
Ice Balloons
I saw on pinterest where you freeze food coloring and water inside a balloon, then unwrap them for something cool in the snow. Thing is, they take forever to freeze. I made them with the kids while we were home on Friday morning, but by Friday night they were still water. Saturday morning they seemed frozen, but when we unwrapped them, only the outside was frozen. The water sloshed around on the inside.
Snow Fun
So glad in the winter our backyard is a hill so we can sled right here. Ian loves sledding (Annaliese actually did go twice...).  On Saturday, the sun was out, there was no breeze, and it was the perfect snow for building a snowman.
First Robin
It struck me as a bit ironic that while the kids were busy playing in the 8 inches of snow on Friday, our trees were filled with robins. Guess spring is coming!