Friday, May 31, 2013


I've had so many posts about Ian lately that I thought it was time to do one about my little girl.  She is becoming a girly-girl, and Darrin and I are not sure how that is happening, as I most definitely am not one.  She is insistent on wearing a dress/skirt every day of the week, and when one's not clean, I get directed to do her laundry, "Right NOW!"  At Ian's school carnival recently, you could have your nails painted, so we did that... and then I went to Target to buy nail polish for us to do it at home. I do have to admit, her little toes look so cute painted.  And while she loves to dress like a girl, she plays like a boy. What Ian does, she does. I had to go buy another Batman figure in the hopes of stopping some of the bickering around here. She loves to be outside- running down the hill in our backyard is one of her favorite things to do.  We went to the park recently, and were amazed at what a pro she is at pumping herself while swinging- she must have learned that one at school Here are a few shots of her lately.  Darrin got some great ones of her in the backyard the other day with some pretty light coming through the trees, so there are a few of those in here because I couldn't pick.
 DSC_0134 DSC_0097 DSC_0083DSC_0077 DSC_0071 DSC_0070 DSC_1062DSC_0954

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A First/Last Day of Kindergarten Comparison

Friday was Ian's last day of Kindergarten, and, amazingly, I remembered to get a picture of him by the easel much like I did the first day. That was my plan oh, so many days ago, when I snapped this first picture:

First Day of Kindergarten

We didn't have as much time to take the last day of school picture before he had to leave, so we had to get a bit goofy to get the picture, and he ended up looking shorter in this picture than the first day one, but oh, he's grown up so much. He reads so well; it knocks my socks off every time I listen to him and I feel so blessed.  He loves to solve math problems with Darrin. And when I ask him about friends, he always tells about the ones he likes playing with, and explains why he doesn't like others. He is such a good decision-maker when it comes to that, too. Love him and looking forward to a summer home with him!

Last Day of Kindergarten

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ian in Action

Ian had another match today and we caught a couple goals on video. I had Annaliese sitting on my lap as I was shooting, so I apologize if I give you motion sickness... To view larger, you can click the icon with four corners.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Goal

Today was Ian's fifth soccer game of the season. This is the first season he's played, and we play at one of the Y's here in town.  He has scored two goals previously, but in kindergarten soccer, the kids all clump around the ball, with no goalie at the net and no form of play calling other than, "Get the ball," and "Kick it that way!", so it's really hard to actually tell who is kicking it in the clump. The pictures I shot at that time don't offer any proof, either. That all changed yesterday, though. There was no denying this goal. One of his teammates kicked it into the open field, and Ian was off to the races. My momma heart was beating so loud for him, worried he would get going too fast and trip, or kick it wide and miss the goal, but he didn't. I'll save you a play-by-play of the pictures below, but I have to say, I loved that his teammates went crazy for him, and he just smiled and ran back to his coach at midfield (the other team's coach is the lady in red).

Sunday, May 5, 2013

National Scrapbooking Day 2013

Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day, but lots of places online made an event of it all weekend. Darrin was the fantastic husband and father he always is and took care of most of the things around the house so I could participate.  I played along with the challenges hosted by the Creating Keepsake Editors, as well as those hosted by Scrapbook Generation.

The first layout I completed this weekend was the two-page sketch challenge at SG and the paper scraps challenge at CK.  The ladies at SG provided a two-page sketch you had to use.  If I make a two page layout, chances are about 95% that I used one of their sketches, so this one was right up my alley.  I used up some Pebbles scraps I had around for the banners. This one was a fun one for me, as I got to dig into my boy embellishments for a page for Annaliese. It was fun to play around with primary colors for her instead of the girly colors I always seem to use for her. Man, looking at those pictures takes me back- she would throw one killer tantrum if she wasn't able to get in and go!
NSD she loves to go!

After that layout and a quick run to Archivers to get my prints, I finished this interview of Ian for the journaling challenge at SG.  I printed out a large 12x8 picture of him, then printed the interview questions on vellum and mounted those over part of his picture.  I interviewed him March 10, and it's eye-opening how much those answers have changed in just two months.  Photos on this layout were taken by Tin Box Pictures. 
NSD interview with Ian

Having just finished a layout on Ian, I switched to making one about Annaliese and her love of spaghetti.  This one was created for the one-page sketch challenge at SG and the washi embellishment challenge at CK. I have to admit, the coloring in the picture is way off. I took this one in really bad lighting.  She has always been such a character when it comes to eating, and this captures it. Funny thing is, almost two years later, and she can still be so messy. She's going through that picky stage, though, and isn't willing to each as much.  I chose to use a free SG sketch from February as my one-page inspiration sketch and stuck pretty true to it. The only change I made was replacing the banner with the washi flowers.  Those were a bit tricky to make, especially having the two endpoints meet up and look decent. 
NSD spaghetti mess

To make my life a bit easier, I did my interview layout with Annaliese next.  I was following the same design as I did for Ian's, so this went together fairly quickly.  I made it for the manufacturer challenge at SG and the photo edit challenge at CK. I tried in vain three times to print the journaling out on a transparency instead of vellum so the picture would show through better, but no matter how I tried, the ink would just smear, so I had to resort back to vellum.  I used mostly paper and embellishments from My Mind's Eye Nostalgia collection for her layout. Love that the pictures Tin Box took capture her personality so well.
NSD interview with Annaliese

The last layout for the weekend is a bit of a stretch for my normal style, but isn't that why these are called challenges? I created this layout for the Project Life challenge at SG and the embellishment challenge at CK. I used the Harvest Lane line from Simple Stories to create this layout of the first time Ian helped me bake. I also used 10 embellishments on the page. Having such variety is a stretch for me. 
NSD my little assistant

It was a lot of fun getting so much done this weekend, but with all the scrapping this weekend and last weekend when I was at a crop, I'm looking forward to getting my house back in order next weekend :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Garden 2013 | Post One

I know it's been awhile since I posted. I've gotten majorly behind in Project Life, and without it's context, the photos just seem a bit random to me. We haven't really had a big event or done anything really important since Easter around here.

That said, the weather cooperated earlier this week (right now it's raining and should be changing over to snow any minute) and I was able to get the early planting veggies in the ground.  They probably should have gone in the garden a couple weeks ago, but it's been so wet and cold.

Here's a view of our entire garden.  We have three out of sixty-four plots at our church. We inherited the plots last year. It includes the two raised beds, and then the entire back bed (part of it will hold squash, which is not yet planted).  The closer bed is perennials (see below). In the farther raised bed, I planted 10 hills of red potatoes.

Here's a box of perennials we inherited.  The rhubarb is doing really well and we'll probably have some by this weekend or next.  Last year the rhubarb did awesome and we were able to eat it until October.  There is asparagus spears coming up to the left of the rhubarb. When we got the plot last year, these were already too tall and reedy to enjoy, so I'm looking forward to getting some this year.  At the top of the bed there are strawberries. Last year there were some blooming already when we got this bed. I don't know if I should have done something to them in the fall, but they did not come back well at all!

In the large garden, I have peas on the left side with the chicken wire fence. The outer two lines on the right are carrots. In the middle is lettuce and spinach.  My plan is to plant my peppers and tomatoes in between the two, so they can take over the space of the spinach/lettuce when it dies away in the heat.  Green beans will go between the peas and carrots.
We're supposed to get precip the next few days, and hopefully the sun will shine and my garden will grow.  We'll see how this all works out.