Thursday, May 30, 2013

A First/Last Day of Kindergarten Comparison

Friday was Ian's last day of Kindergarten, and, amazingly, I remembered to get a picture of him by the easel much like I did the first day. That was my plan oh, so many days ago, when I snapped this first picture:

First Day of Kindergarten

We didn't have as much time to take the last day of school picture before he had to leave, so we had to get a bit goofy to get the picture, and he ended up looking shorter in this picture than the first day one, but oh, he's grown up so much. He reads so well; it knocks my socks off every time I listen to him and I feel so blessed.  He loves to solve math problems with Darrin. And when I ask him about friends, he always tells about the ones he likes playing with, and explains why he doesn't like others. He is such a good decision-maker when it comes to that, too. Love him and looking forward to a summer home with him!

Last Day of Kindergarten

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