Sunday, June 30, 2013

Water Fun

This past week was the warmest week we've had this summer... right up until this weekend which has been the perfect weather if you ask me (upper-70s and no need for air). While it was warmer, the kids and I went to a friend's pool (Tuesday) and then to the splash pad (Friday).  At the pool, the first thing  she did as soon as I got the sunscreen and life jacket on her, was turn around and jump off the board. We hadn't been to that pool since last year, she hasn't jumped off any board since last year, and it was practically all she did the two hours we were there... that, and jump off the side of the pool. Ian had just as much fun of the boards as Annaliese. There were older boys there, and he enjoyed getting in water shooter fights with them as well.
On Friday there was definitely a breeze, and as such, just a few kids at the park. Ian and Annaliese pretty much had the run of the place and, as has always been the case, were each others best friends. 
DSC_0629 copy
DSC_0631 copy
DSC_0637 copy
DSC_0645 copy
DSC_0650 copy
DSC_0658 copy
DSC_0666 copy

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Miss Fun-Lovin'

I played along again this week at CSI (color, story, inspiration).  They present a case file each week that includes a scene/scheme (colors), evidence (embellishments) and testimony (journaling) that need to be incorporated into a layout.

Here's my layout of my fun-lovin' girl that I used to solve the case. Darrin captured these photos of her playing in the backyard and running down the hill.

miss fun-lovin

I had trouble using a lot of the green in my papers since the pictures are so green, so I had the neutral color carry through the most and brought in the green through my embellishments.  I hand-stitched the large flower/doily by printing out a black and white image from the internet and used it as my pattern, punching holes through it.  I incorporated woodgrain, pearls, twine, fabric (the dark under the hearts), and circle tag. For my testimony, I journaled like a catalog description.

They just posted the next challenge yesterday, so you should head over and play along!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Splash Station 2013

Last Saturday we ventured to Splash Station in Fremont again. I won't recap everything about the place, you can check it out here.  The kids had a fantastic time, much like last year, only, as one might expect a year later, much more independent. They both had a blast going down the train slides again, and this time Annaliese was fearless.  Ian was tall enough to go down the large, yellow, twisty slide (you can see it in the background of some photos), but even with Darrin going down a few times to show him, he didn't do it, which was okay. Much like last time, after the fun of the slides wore off, we hung out in the pool part- Annaliese jumping in off the side and Ian goofing around with Ian and practicing his swim.  And now, the photo proof we had fun.

DSC_0528 copy
DSC_0607 copy
DSC_0605 copy
DSC_0575 copy
DSC_0572 copy
DSC_0560 copy
DSC_0548 copy
DSC_0545 copy

DSC_0524 copy
DSC_0521 copy
DSC_0505 copy
DSC_0503 copy

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The End of Kindergarten

I participated in a CSI challenge this week.  No, not Crime Scene Investigation, but Color, Stories, and Inspiration. It is a weekly challenge blog for scrapbooking that provides a color scheme, as well as evidence (of which you have to use at least two on your layout) and testimony (journaling prompts/structure).  I had heard of this site awhile ago, but at the time, found it too overwhelming. Apparently my mind has been changed, because for the second week in a row, I've completed a layout for the challenge.

Here's the case file for the challenge. The second week of the month there's an added twist of a sketch you have to incorporate:

And here's what my take was on it the file and sketch:

I tend to like neutrals for my background, so I immediately went with that for the background.  I had trouble finding an orange I really liked, so there is a bit of it on the yellow paper behind the pictures.   When I look at the pictures what I notice most isn't Ian, but how freaking long Annaliese's hair was!

For my evidence, I chose circles and numbers. The Thickers (number stickers) I used on this layout were actually white and I played with paint to create my own mist and get them as close as I could to the color blue I wanted.  

The testimony is "Save the Date". I wrote about the May 24th date, and how much he knew on that day as opposed to when he started kindergarten.

I've already got pictures printed for next week. Hopefully I can have it done more than a few hours before the deadline like I had this one done...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Puddle Stomping

Last weekend my cousin Erin got married  in Cedar Falls. The sky was overcast and it was raining most of the day, but cleared at just the right time for there to be an outdoor wedding (and me to get a little burnt).  Apparently while we were inside for the reception, it rained again. Annaliese (and Ian) spent the night running from the dance floor, to the foyer entrance, to the photo booth, and lots of other places.  One of those adventures took us outside after the rain (which we didn't even know had happened inside).  Annaliese had taken her shoes off like so many of the other ladies for dancing, and it worked equally well for puddle jumping. I wish I had realized while I was snapping pictures that you could see her reflection on the ground. I would have tried to get a picture that showed her entire reflection. Oh well, live and learn...

DSC_0421 copy
DSC_0425 copy
DSC_0427 copy
DSC_0436 copy
DSC_0442 copy
DSC_0445 copy
DSC_0447 copy

Friday, June 21, 2013

Jedi Camp

Last Friday marked the end of week-long fun for Ian at Jedi Camp, and much like last year, he had a blast.

On one of the days, he got to build his own droid (a fan connected to a battery. Reminded me a lot of the science task of lighting a bulb with a battery).  By the time Darrin got home five hours after we did, he had it on about its tenth different configuration.

DSC_0338 copy
On Friday, I got to attend the closing ceremony. Darth Vader visited as well. Ian showed me the rebel base he built earlier in the week, and showed off his new light saber (looks a lot like those from his birthday party).  They had light saber training that week, too, and when we got home he attempted to teach Annaliese about ducking and jumping to avoid attacks... but that didn't go too well.

DSC_0349 copy
DSC_0350 copy
DSC_0351 copy
DSC_0354 copy

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Sandwiches

DSC_0347 copy

I have made it a goal of mine this summer to make as many varieties of homemade ice cream as possible. I've had this recipe in mind ever since I saw it, and it finally came to fruition.

The ice cream itself churned up better than any ice cream I've ever made in my maker. Usually it doesn't come out frozen enough to eat right away- it needs to spend some time in the freezer first. But the consistency and taste of this was perfect.
DSC_0343 copy
While it was churning, I melted the chocolate in the microwave and started to fill the liners.  I did a bit of math to figure out how much chocolate to put in each portion (1/2 Tbsp. was what I came up with). It didn't look like enough, however, so I used as much chocolate as the recipe called for on the bottom, and then melted more when it came time for the top. BIG MISTAKE! When it came time to eat them, the chocolate was so thick and hard, we couldn't bite through it. Thinner is better in this case.
DSC_0346 copy
Annaliese helped me put the ice cream on top once it had finished churning and the chocolate had frozen. I sent her on her merry way and topped them off with more chocolate and popped them into the freezer.
DSC_0345 copy
Needless to say, everyone ate their entire dinner so they could have one of these for dessert. They were soooo good.

A couple more thoughts, besides the thinner is better:
- the peanut butter ice cream is great on its own. I might just dump some mini chocolate chips in towards the end of the churning next time.

- the cupcake liners made for great serving and portion control. I might use them for the one Ian picked to try next, even though it doesn't need liners. Keeps us from eating the entire batch in one sitting...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rain Dance

This past Saturday was a drizzly day. It was the prefect day to go to The Rose and watch Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It didn't rain while we walked to and from the theater, but it rained at home before we left and Annaliese ran out into it.  When we got home and it started raining again, she asked if she could go dance in the rain. Who are we to say no...

DSC_0294 copy DSC_0295copyDSC_0300 copy DSC_0305 copyDSC_0307copy

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 21

Week of: May 20-26

Project Life week21left
Project Life week21right

Highlights this week: Last day of school, last day of soccer, last day of swimming lessons, new Batman figure,  first picnic, park and bike fun.

print9 (4)
Friday was Ian's last day of Kindergarten. I got a shot very similar to the one from the beginning of the year.
print10 (4)
Last day of school celebration- Cherry Berry
print15 (2)
At Ian's last soccer game for the season, Annaliese entertained herself by snapping pictures with the big camera. It was funny to watch her try and manage it, but she did fairly well. She got this shot of Darrin..
print16 (2)
...and this shot of me. Along with lots of pictures of random people.
print14 (3)
Enjoying his snacks after his last game. Darrin took this one ;)
print1a (6)
On the way home from the game, we stopped by the park to play. We were all on the swings at once.
print13 (3)
That night, we picnicked at Standing Bear...
print12 (3)
... and then the kids rode their bikes around the lake.
print11 (3)
Sunday's swimming lessons were our last. The kids got to stay in their suits when they got home and run through the sprinklers.
print17 (2)
Batman gets a lot of play around here and we only had one until I picked up another with a Batbike for Annaliese thinking it would end the arguing. Now they just argue who gets to play with the new one...