Friday, June 21, 2013

Jedi Camp

Last Friday marked the end of week-long fun for Ian at Jedi Camp, and much like last year, he had a blast.

On one of the days, he got to build his own droid (a fan connected to a battery. Reminded me a lot of the science task of lighting a bulb with a battery).  By the time Darrin got home five hours after we did, he had it on about its tenth different configuration.

DSC_0338 copy
On Friday, I got to attend the closing ceremony. Darth Vader visited as well. Ian showed me the rebel base he built earlier in the week, and showed off his new light saber (looks a lot like those from his birthday party).  They had light saber training that week, too, and when we got home he attempted to teach Annaliese about ducking and jumping to avoid attacks... but that didn't go too well.

DSC_0349 copy
DSC_0350 copy
DSC_0351 copy
DSC_0354 copy

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