Thursday, June 6, 2013

Project Life 2013 | Week 19

I'm all caught up in my album, but I've got to get caught-up in my blogging. Hoping to churn out a post every day until I'm caught up.

Week 19: May 6-12

Project Life week19left
Left page and an insert of pictures from Ian's carnival.
Project Life week19insert
Back of the carnival insert- pictures from the park- and a book Ian wrote me for Mother's Day.
Project Life week19right
Right page
Highlights: At Ian's school for a BBQ...and Mother's Day...and a carnival. Muffins with Annaliese for Mother's day. Painted bedroom ceilings. Became Godparents again.

print11 (2)
Darrin and I joined Ian for his school-wide BBQ. It was a chilly day!
print8a (4)
Thursday Ian's class hosted a Mother's Day tea.
print7 (5)
Friday morning I joined Annaliese at school for Muffins with Mom.
print13 (2)
Seeing as how I was lugging my big camera purse around all week because of the kids' events, I snapped pictures all day long for a "Day in the Life" layout. Here's my messy cubical.
print14 (2)
And then we went to CherryBerry.
print1 (5)
Friday night there was a carnival at Ian's school. The kids loved the inflatables.
print3 (5)
Ian showed us what a great shot he is.
print2 (5)
Annaliese got her nails painted for the first time.
print8 (4)
After we ran out of carnival tickets, we played on the school's playground.
print4 (5)
Annaliese loved figuring out how to move from one moving island to another.
print5 (4)
Ian showed us he can do the monkey bars.
print9 (3)
Saturday Ian had another soccer game. He made an awesome goal.
print6 (5)
Sunday our Godson Henry was baptized.
print18 (2)
Here he is with the onesie we gave him.
print10 (3)
At the luncheon after the baptism, they had bubble blowers. Annaliese had lots of fun.

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